2010 Fundraising Summit/Schedule

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Items for discussion[edit | edit source]

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  • Discussion item (1 hr)
  • WMF has three primary areas for discussion:
  1. Discussion of the Chapter Agreement and how best to set up the Annual Fundraising campaign to create a 'win-win' situation between the Chapters and the Foundation. This discussion will include GEO-IP and country local messaging as well as distribution of funds. (4 hours)
  2. Discussion of fundraising best practices and how to cultivate and steward donors to create a long lasting source of funds and board community support. (4 hours)
  3. CiviCRM as a constituent database. WMF will discuss how and why we use it, how to use key features, and best practices. (2 hours)

Timetable[edit | edit source]

Time Friday Saturday Sunday
1000 Post-mortem Fundraising Agreement (Each stakeholder presents their views in turn, without interruption) Best practices and cultivations
1130 Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins)
1200 Post-mortem Fundraising Agreement (general discussion) Best practices and cultivation cont./Technology
1300 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1400 Brainstorming fundraising ideas/Finalising agenda Fundraising agreement (general discussion) Home time
1530 Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins)
1600 CiviCRM tutorial Fundraising agreement (finalise outline ready for drafting)