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Agenda for Board meeting on 11-12 June 2011, held in-person in Birmingham

Minutes to be assembled at

Sat 11 June

  • A: Formal business
A1: RB - Apologies for absence
  • B: Strategy

Sun 12 June

  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: RB - Apologies for absence
A2: MP - Approval of Minutes 26Apr11
A3: RB - Review of executive meeting on 24 May 11, and approval of Minutes 24May11
A4: MP - Review email decisions
  • Funding for Liam Wyatt's attendance of GLAMcamp London, and other events around the UK in the same timeframe, £700 in total (1 May 2011).
A5: Actions and reports
A51 Roger Bamkin (Chair)
A52 Mike Peel (Secretary)
A53 Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)
A531 Review of upcoming fundraising-related deadlines
A532 Membership approvals
A54 Chris Keating (Director)
A55 Martin Poulter (Director)
A56 Fæ (Director)
A57 Steve Virgin (Director)
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
  • C: AOB