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Agenda for Board meeting on 11-12 June 2011, held in-person at the Birmingham Science Park

Minutes to be assembled at

Sat 11 June 10 a.m.[edit | edit source]

Meeting location: Faraday Wharf Building - contact names Matthew Hiddily, Simon Jenner, Candy

  • A: Formal business
A1: RB - Apologies for absence ( AT is on holiday)
A2: RB - Urgent matters arising (Anything that cannot wait until Sunday)
  • B: Strategy Meeting
    • Meal 1 pm buffet
    • Tour at 1:30 15-20 mins of Science Park - optional
  • C: Continuation of Strategy Meeting
  • Conference Room booked rest of the evening at Hotel
  • 6pm cars to the Copthorne Hotel
  • Dinner included (inc. Thai )
  • Leave Science Park at 6. A meal has been booked at the hotel where we intend to complete our discussions.

Sun 12 June[edit | edit source]


  • breakfast at Hotel
  • Conference - board meeting - projector available
  • Gemma arrives mid morning


  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: RB - Apologies for absence
A2: MP - Approval of Minutes 26Apr11
A3: RB - Review of executive meeting on 24 May 11, and approval of Minutes 20May11
A4: MP - Review email decisions
  • Funding for Liam Wyatt's attendance of GLAMcamp London, and other events around the UK in the same timeframe, £700 in total, from the "Culture and Heritage Projects" budget (1 May 2011).
  • Modification of the expense policy in light of new HMRC regulations: mileage can now be claimed at 45p/mile for the first 150 miles of a journey, then 25p/mile for the remainder (5 May 2011).
  • Funding for lunch at the Editathon, British Library event in June, £5-10/head, from the "Culture and Heritage Projects" budget (14 May 2011).
  • Support for a 'University of Bristol Wikimedia Outreach Ambassador' (23-24 May)
  • Funding of up to £2,500 for a stand at the CILIP conference (12-13 July, Hatfield), run by Oliver Keyes. Funding from the opportunity fund. (24 May 2011)
  • Funding of up to £500 to broaden participation in the fundraising summit. Funding from the Chapters Conference and Wikimania 2011 budget lines. (26 May 2011)
  • Funding of up to £40 to provide travel and lunch for Oliver Keyes and Tom Morris at their meeting with the Royal Society on 7 June. From the partnership events budget line. (3 June 2011)
  • Purchase of (funding from the Miscellaneous Administrative and Office Costs budget) (4 June 2011)
  • Funding of up to £400 to support Johnbod's attendance at CTM Dusseldorf (from the Culture and Heritage Projects budget) (6 June 2011)
A5: MP - Review email resolutions
A6: Actions and reports
A61 Roger Bamkin (Chair)
A62 Mike Peel (Secretary)
A63 Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)
A631 Review of upcoming fundraising-related deadlines
A632 Membership approvals
A64 Chris Keating (Director)
A65 Martin Poulter (Director)
A66 Fæ (Director)
A67 Steve Virgin (Director)
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
    • Achieving Charity status
    • Employing staff - instructing recruitment company
      • Location of main office
    • Fundraiser - including decision on / redrafting of the Fundraising Agreement
    • Reallocation of 2011 Budget holders
    • P.R. Review of progress/ procedures (GG)
  • C: AOB
MP (if there is time) - wikipedia domain names
  • Lunch 12:30
  • 1:15 pm - transfer - dump at Fazely 10 min

Wiki Meet[edit | edit source]

A Wiki meet has been arranged at "Urban Coffee" from 2 till 4 led by Andy Mabbett. All welcome as this is both child and tee-total friendly.