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Agenda for Board meeting at Development House, Leonard Street, London, Saturday 7th March 2015, 10 am.

Housekeeping (10:00)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda items:

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Matters arising not on the agenda
  4. Approval of agenda
  5. Declarations of interest relevant to matters on the agenda

Office in camera session (10:10)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda item:

  1. Chief Executive confidential reports
  2. Any other confidential matters
  3. New members

Chief Executive reports - part 1 (10:40)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda items and other papers:

  1. State of Wikimedia UK - Annual review of achievements
  2. CE quarterly report
  3. Quarterly report card
  4. Financial QMFR - includes proposals for budget adjustments
  5. Risks register - including Annual review of risk register and internal controls
  6. Understanding WMUK's reporting systems - update on progress on metrics

Board committee reports (12:30)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda items:

  1. Govcom report
  2. ARC report

Break for lunch (1:00)[edit | edit source]

Board in camera session (1:30)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda item:

  1. Board in camera session
  2. Review of CE recruitment process

Trustee item (2:15)[edit | edit source]

Chair & Secretary:

  • Q4/Draft end of year Accounts
  • Preparation for AGM, including discussion of any motions to be put before the members.
  • Relationship with volunteers

Other reports (2:45)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda items:

  • Note: any requests for a board decision should come via the CE and should be included in the CE's report.
  1. Technology Committee
  2. Education Committee
  3. GLAM Committee
  4. Wales Organiser
  5. Grants Committee

Consent item (3:10)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda item:

  • These items are hoped to be uncontroversial matters where little debate is needed

Discussion items (3:15)[edit | edit source]

  1. Wikimania & WMCon
  2. SotM (OSM volunteer support)

Other (3:40)[edit | edit source]

Standing agenda items:

  1. AOB
  2. Date of next meeting (2 trustees are unavailable on June 13th)

Close (3:45)[edit | edit source]