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'Britain Loves Wikipedia' is a month-long competition and series of events designed to photograph the treasures of our nation's museums and galleries. People from all ages, all backgrounds and all communities can take part in the competition, with the chance of winning a prize enticing them to actively involved themselves in recording and understanding the country's cultural treasures. All the photos submitted into 'Britain Loves Wikipedia' will be made available under a free license and can be used to illustrate Wikipedia articles. As a result, our nation's treasures will be viewable by all, not just by those that live nearby.

For more about the event, see the press release.

Previous events[edit | edit source]

Britain Loves Wikipedia follows on from the successful Wikipedia Takes Manhattan event held in October 2008, which lead to Wikipedia Loves Art and Wiki Loves Art NL.

In February 2009, Wikipedia Loves Art took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum, resulting in 327 images that are now available on Wikimedia Commons.

Britain Loves Wikipedia 2011[edit | edit source]

We plan to run Britain Loves Wikipedia again in 2011, and we are currently seeking museums to participate. For background information, please see Museum Participation page for this year's event.

2010 Event Coverage[edit | edit source]