Celtic Knot Conference 2018/Call for papers

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Celtic Knot 2018 aims to continue where last years conference left off. Speakers are encouraged to share their success stories and the challenges they have faced whilst helping to develop a small or minority language Wicipedia. Day 2 of the conference will feature an unconference which will allow people to pitch session ideas on the day. This will be agreat way of putting together sessions which build on the themes and issues raised during the traditional conference program.


We will not be restricting submissions to a particular theme other than the brief outlined above, however contributors may wish to consider submitting proposals about community engagement projects, the use of Wikipedia in education or the development of open data/use of Wikidata in your language.

Submission types

Submissions will be accepted for the following formats, although please not that the times are only a guide and may change slightly as we put the program together.

  • Lightening talks - Short 5 minute presentations about anything you feel is relevant.
  • Workshops and tutorials - 30-40 minute sessions for group discussions and workshops, or tutorials on a particular topic such as Content translation or Wikidata.
  • Presentation - 20-30 minute presentations.
  • Panel Discussion 30-40 minute panel discussion to discuss a topic. Please feel free to collaborate with others to put a panel together.


By submitting a proposal, you must agree that:

   your proposal's abstract and any slides associated with it will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Licence 3.0; and
   if accepted, the session will be broadcast and/or recorded and made available in audio and/or visual form under said licence.

If you object to these requirements (for instance, if you would prefer not to be filmed), please talk to User:Jason.nlw before submitting a proposal.