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Wikimedia volunteers can help educational projects by meeting with teaching staff, librarians or support staff to raise awareness, using the many resources for educators already created. With notice, we can provide supporting materials and may be able to support with funding for travel and subsistence in accordance with Wikimedia UK's Expenses Policy.

If you're interested in getting involved in education activities, get in touch with us or sign your name on the Education Portal People Page. If you want to be more heavily involved in the strategy, and board/operations side of things, you could join the Education Committee.

There are also other ways to Get Involved, and do help work on the tasks list

Here are some Education related tasks you can do:
  • Help develop our Education strategy
  • Contribute to discussions around how we develop an Open Badges strategy
  • Contribute to our Digital Literacy discussion, and help us develop resources in this area
  • Support our partners in delivering Wikipedia assignments
  • Contribute technical expertise to the development of our Open Learning Platform work
  • Help us develop sets of material for the Open Learning Platforms
  • Improve this portal - visually, and the content (it's all up for grabs!)
  • Collaborate: Coordinate with m:Wikiversity (on Meta; also on Wikibooks), Coordinate at the Wikipedia:Education noticeboard based upon Wikipedia:Student assignments, More...