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See WMUK, Digital Disruption and Demos event, 24 October 2012

At the beginning of July 2012, Wikimedia UK, Bold Creative and Demos met to discuss the possibilities of working together in the future. Aside from a proposal for a larger campaign (which is being discussed but will be shared when it's ready), one of the ideas consisted of a one day event looking at the impact of user-generated content and the wider Internet on society. These conversations began in 2011.

Possible topics would include the impact on research skills, the importance of digital literacy, wider impact on the education sector and the role that Wikipedia (and sister projects) can play in promoting these skills and working from its position of trust (in general terms) to broaden how the projects can extend reach and positive impact.

The conversation is grounded in Wikipedia's commitment to free access to knowledge, Bold Creative's Digital Disruption project and a piece of Demos' research entitled Truth, Lies and the Internet.

There's a clear crossover in the work of our three groups and our areas of interest and it is clear there is much to be gained by working together.

The audiences for this event would be:

  • Policy makers
  • Opinion formers
  • Wikipedians
  • Education experts
  • Digital literacy and online safety experts
  • Journalists

This is a call for the Wikimedia community to offer some suggestions of topics this event could cover, the kind of speakers that you'd like to see appear at an event of this kind, whether you'd like individual speakers or panels. It's also a place for you to express how you'd like to see policy develop in these areas, where Wikimedia is strong and where we are weak.

It's proposed that the event will happen this autumn. Please do get involved in the conversation on the discussion page.

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