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This page details our key financial documents, policies and reports. It will get quite in-depth at times, but we've made every attempt to make it 'human-readable'.
We have several policies that guide how we spend our funds. These policies are changed by the [[board]] as and when needed.
* Our [[Finance Policy]] sets out how we maintain suitable financial controls to safeguard our assets and ensure they are applied effectively and efficiently in support of our [[objects]]. Where financial conflicts between different policies exist, generally the [[Finance Policy]] will take precedence.
* Our [[Conflict of Interest Policy]] controls when a trustee is allowed to claim expenses, and the very limited circumstances in which a Trustee may buy from, sell to, be employed by, or receive financial benefit from the charity.
* Our [[Scheme of Delegation]] sets out the powers that are delegated to the Chief Executive - for example, the power to spend money, hire staff, or represent the charity publicly.
* Our [[Donation and grant acceptance]] policy, which sets out the circumstances in which a donation can be accepted without having to consult the board.
==Annual Reports==
Since 2012, our Annual Reports and end-of-year accounts have been created in two formats - a glossy version with limited financial information, known as the Annual Review, and a plain version with full financial information, known as the Annual Report. The Annual Report is the copy that is submitted to Companies House and the Charity Commission.
* [[:File:Wikimedia UK accounts 31 January 2010.pdf|Our Annual Report from Incorporation to 31 January 2010]] <ref>[[:File:WMUK Jan2010 Abbreviated Accs FINAL.pdf|Abbreviated accounts]] are also available, which were prepared in the interim period before the full accounts were finalized</ref>
* [[:File:Wikimedia UK accounts 31 January 2011.pdf|Our Annual Report from 1 February 2010 to 31 January 2011]].
* [[:File:2011-12 Annual Accounts.pdf|Our Annual Report from 1 February 2011 to 31 January 2012]]. A glossy Annual Review was also created this year: see our [[2012 Annual Report]].
* [[:File:WMUK Annual Report 2012-13 (Signatures Redacted).pdf|Our Annual Report from 1 February 2012 to 31 January 2013]]. A glossy Annual Review was also created this year: see our [[2013 Annual Report]].
==Annual Plans and Budgets==
We develop our annual budgets transparently on this website. You can find them at:
* [[2010 Budget]]
* [[2011 Budget]]
* [[2012 Activity Plan]]
* [[2013 Activity Plan]]
* [[2014 Activity Plan]]
==Fundraising and Grants==
We have, in the past, participated in the annual Wikimedia fundraiser; you can find the agreements governing this participation at:
* [[2009 Winter Fundraiser/Agreement]]
* [[2010 Fundraiser/Agreement]]
* [[2011 Fundraiser/Agreement]]
* [[:meta:2012-13 Fundraising Agreement (UK)|2012 Fundraising Agreement]]
We have also previously applied for the following grants:
* [[Activities/Kick-start grant|2009 - Kick-start grant from the Wikimedia Foundation]]
* [[:meta:FDC portal/Proposals/2012-2013 round1/WMUK/Proposal form|2012-2013 FDC grant application]]
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