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Wikimedia UK Friends' Newsletter

The last newsletter of the year!

We've been busy in the past few months developing new programmes and partnerships, and we'd love to tell you about the latest developments in our work and what we have in the pipeline!

We have renewed our Bodleian Wikimedian in Residence as Dr Martin Poulter has been rehired to continue his valuable work in Oxford, and we have partnered with the Hypatia Trust in Cornwall to support their Wikimedian working to improve content on Cornish women.

add note about the 11th Dec London meetup being the volunteer xmas party too. nothing special, just a shout out that we'll be there and hope to see many volunteers too

Mozfest 2016 in London

We attended Mozilla's open source festival in London's Docklands on October 29-30.

Parliament partnership and editathon

Wikimedia UK is developing a partnership with the House of Commons to encourage an understanding of Wikipedia within the organisation and the sharing of data.

We will be holding our first editathon in Parliament on November 19 to introduce parliamentary staff to our work and teach them how to use Wikimedia projects. The event will also be open to the whole community, so if you’re interested to visit Parliament and see inside the buildings, why not join us? The event will be held in Portcullis House, the modern office building next to the Palace of Westminster, but there will also be a tour of the older buildings such as Westminster Hall, which will be 920 years old next year.

In a slight contrast to the centuries old surroundings, we will be talking to parliamentary staff about the data they produce and looking at what data they have which would be suitable to upload to WikiData. We are exploring the possibility of creating data items for parliamentary legislation, but there may be other kinds of content held by Parliament which would be suitable for upload onto Wikimedia sites.

We hope the event will provide a useful case study in using Parliament’s resources to create content which can be built on as Parliamentary staff learn to use Wikimedia projects as part of their workflow. The UK Government has a good reputation for sharing its data, but by working with Wikimedia UK, we hope to put that data to work in innovative and useful ways. If you want to find out more, why not come along and take part?

Parliament editathon November 19

Dr Martin Poulter reappointed Bodleian Library Wikimedian-in-Residence

The University of Oxford has decided to renew its Wikimedian In Residence (WIR) programme. Martin Poulter is working part-time on a one-year project to embed Wikipedia, Wikidata and related sites in the university’s teaching, research and public engagement.

Dr Poulter served as the WIR at the Bodleian Libraries for one year ending in March 2016. He led wiki training at nine public events, and gave sixteen other workshops and presentations. The images bulk-uploaded during this placement now get more than 3 million views per month from being used to illustrate Wikipedia articles in 49 languages.

Thanks to funding from the IT Innovation Challenge, administered by the university’s Academic IT Services, he is returning to the Bodleian with a cross-university remit. The new project is about embedding innovative use of Wikimedia sites across the university. This will involve:

·         training staff in the university to run Wikimedia-related events such as editathons;

·         helping research projects to enhance their impact by sharing outputs on Wikidata and Wikipedia;

·         creating customised training workshops for academics, librarians and other staff in the university; and

·         sharing training materials.

The aim is to collaborate with a different large research or educational project each month. The first two partners are the Hillforts Atlas Project and the Voltaire Foundation. The former is a collaboration between the universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, producing a definitive database of hillforts in the British Isles. The latter publishes definitive critical volumes of the works and correspondence of Voltaire. Both projects can reach a larger audience by helping to improve Wikidata and Wikipedia. Other research projects and cultural institutions will be supported on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wikimedians In Residence are already employed by the National Library of Wales, the Wellcome Library, and the University of Edinburgh, as well as cultural and scholarly organisations around the globe. Martin Poulter can be contacted at .

Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 UK Winners Announced

More than 250 people took part in the UK competition, uploading 6,200 photos of cultural heritage which anyone can reuse. Thank you to everyone who took part. The winners of the overall competition will be announced in December.

Wiki Loves Monuments is a global photographic competition run by the Wikimedia Foundation and its local chapters like Wikimedia UK. We encourage photographers to upload photos of places that have Wikipedia articles so that those photos can be used to illustrate Wikipedia.

  1. "Winchester Cathedral, south aisle of retro-choir" by Michael Coppins
  2. "Perch Rock Lighthouse" by Richard J Smith
  3. "Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon" by Michael Chapman
  4. "Eilean Donan at Dusk" by Syxaxis Photography (George Johnson)
  5. "Hazell Brook Bridge" by Hamburg103a
  6. "Queens' College - Mathematical Bridge" by Rafa Esteve
  7. "RibbleheadViaduct" by Sterim64
  8. "Royal Albert Hall - Central View 169" by Colin
  9. "Tone Mills Dyehouse" by Msemmett
  10. "Transporter Bridge Winter Sunrise" by WelshDave

Kurdish Wikipedia Project

We've started a project based at the Kurdish Cultural Centre in Kennington to improve content on Kurdish subjects as well as to improve the two Kurdish Wikipedias.