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For the 2012 event, see GLAMcamp London/2012.
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British Library main entrance and plazza, the conference centre is to the right.

GLAMcamp London is a GLAM set of workshops and presentations for Wikimedians active in outreach for UK cultural institutions. The aim is to establish a UK network of GLAM related e-volunteers. Attendees will also include key representatives of institutions who have a strong relationship with Wikimedia as well as prospective GLAM Ambassadors.

The date for the meeting was Friday 24 June, 2011. It was hosted by Wikimedia UK and the British Library.

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Basic information[edit | edit source]

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Attending[edit | edit source]

Please add your scope of interest and any connections with cultural institutions. Remember to confidentially send your contact email to Fae to ensure we can contact you with details or updates on changes and add any apologies to the discussion page.

Wikimedians (and affiliation/main project/expertise)[edit | edit source]

  • , WM-UK director & GLAM task force lead
  • Sadads, US Wikimedian interested in academic outreach and discussion between different communities and Wikipedia. Definitely going to be there
  • Johnbod, UK GLAM task force
  • Witty lama, WMF GLAM Fellow, previous Wikipedian in residence at the British Museum
  • Andrew Davidson, attended the previous BL and BM events
  • Leutha, wikipedian, wikimedian and former community outreach worker for The National Archives (Moving Here), contributor to London Sugar and Slavery gallery, Museum of London, Docklands, participant in Survivors History Group and contributor to events at a number of galleries in London and elsewhere.
  • The Land - WMUK Board member, has been involved with various bits of cultural sector outreach.
  • Tom Morris - Wikinews, Wikisource and OpenPlaques/OpenHeritage project.
  • Kenchikuben - Wikipedian and prospective GLAM Ambassador.
  • Victuallers, UK Wikimedia Chair, @GLAMDerby, @QRpedia
  • Seddon - previous WM-UK director, working on WMF projects
  • Philafrenzy - Wikipedian and Wikimedian. Attended last BL editathon
  • Fredgarnett - MOSI-ALONG project, Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group, Emergent Learning Model & PAH Continuum advocate
  • Andy Mabbett - Former local government web manager; GLAMDerby participant; prospective GLAM Ambassador; Wikipedia top 400 editor; microformats (metadata) wikiproject lead.
  • Terence Eden - QR codes/QRpedia
  • WereSpielChequers Wikimedian. Available for one one one wiki editing advice sessions, I'll be with a laptop near the coffee, Currently on a fellowship in the foundations's community development team and interested in the subject of e-volunteering.
  • Marek69 - Wikipedian, Wikimedian.
  • Leutha (talk) - Wikipedian, Wikimedian.

GLAM representatives[edit | edit source]

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Please plan to arrive before 10.30 to allow time to sign in and ensure you do not miss the opening presentation.

Framework agenda, subject to improvement during the day

  • 9.30 British Library opens (room setup)
  • 10 Open room, a chance to socialize and discuss the scope of workshops
  • 10.30 Welcome, why, how and who's who
  • 10.40 Opening presentation; Liam Wyatt, Wikimedia Foundation GLAM fellow and British Museum Wikimedian in Residence
  • 11.10 Workshop pitches
  • 11.20 Parallel workshop sessions 1
  • 12.30 Lunch and optional parallel demonstration sessions for Wikiversity, Wikisource, Wikinews and Wikimedia Commons
  • 13.30 Presentation and demonstration; QR codes, multi-lingual exhibitions and the Open Museum - Victuallers (WM-UK chair) & Terence Eden (co-creators of QRpedia)
  • 14.30 Plenary session with key points and workshop feedback
  • 15.00 Break
  • 15.10 Parallel workshop sessions 2 (adapted from prior workshop feedback)
  • 16.25 Break
  • 16.35 Summary session
  • 5pm Close and invites to social networking venue

Workshops[edit | edit source]

Suggested workshops and session leaders (subject to negotiation and feedback on the day):

  1. Metadata and categorization for museums and galleries on Wikimedia Commons (inc. demonstration of the issues for Commons) - Johnbod & Tom Morris
  2. Developments in the world of archives: Archives and Records Association, National Heritage List for England - Leutha
  3. Growing the e-volunteer network, supporting and training the trainers versus Wikimedians in Residence - Fae & Sadads
  4. Open and Emergent Learning and the Cultural Sector - Fred

Organization[edit | edit source]