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For the 2011 event, see GLAMcamp London/2011.
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Event Contact:

Meet the community.

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"Helping Wikipedians, curators and archivists to collaborate to open up access to knowledge is very rewarding."

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"Be bold! You can work with a GLAM - just press their door bell!"

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"GLAM partnerships allow Wikipedians to access the wealth of knowledge collected by our cultural institutions and at the same time allow the GLAMs to share their knowledge with a far broader audience."

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"There are four or five GLAMs within walking distance of my house... Why aren't they on Wikipedia, too?"

More GLAM events

Shakespeare: staging the world, British Museum
A tour of the British Museum exhibition Shakespeare: staging the world.

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GLAM community discussing GLAM outreach in the UK

GLAMcamp London is a GLAM set of workshops and presentations for Wikimedians active in outreach for UK cultural institutions. The aim is to build on the network of GLAM related e-volunteers. Attendees of this meeting built on the success of GLAMcamp London in 2011. We were discussing the structure of GLAM-WIKI 2012.


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This was an informal event for the most active GLAM ambassadors.

Workshops for the event

Add your suggestions for workshops here.

Suggested workshops and session leaders (subject to negotiation and feedback on the day):

  1. Fæ - Theme workshop for GLAMwiki 2012 conference

Who's attending?

Add your name here

Please add your scope of interest and any connections with cultural institutions. Remember to confidentially send your contact email to Fæ to ensure we can contact you with details or updates on changes and add any apologies to the discussion page.

Wikimedians (and affiliation/main project/expertise)

  • Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing) - Outreach ambassador to ARKive; QRpedia; attended GLAMsterdam & attending Wikimania2012; also actively involved in training and event facilitation with a number of other GLAMs.
  • Andrew Gray (talk) - Wikipedian in Residence, British Library.
  • Harry Mitchell – One half of the point of contact for the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry; involved with Monmouth Regimental Museum as part of Monmouthpedia; attended GLAMcamp Amsterdam.
  • Werespielchequers
  • Daria Cybulska

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Friday 8 June 2012

» 10:30AM:
Welcome, presentations/workshops
» Lunch:
Lunch provided
» PM:
» Evening - 5:30pm:
Social event

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Mozilla Spaces are open working environments in cities all across the world. Mozilla Spaces in London opened in January 2012.

Mozilla Spaces
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