Govcom Agenda 30Apr13

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The inaugurual telephone meeting of the Governance Committee will be held by telephone on Tuesday 30 April 2013 from 7.30pm.

Expected attendees:

  1. Chris Keating
  2. Greyham Dawes
  3. Mike Peel


  1. Logistics (minute-taking)
  2. Tracking implementation of governance review recommendations

Governance review. Oct-Dec 2013 April-June 2014

  1. Outstanding items - not necessarily all to be concluded now, but we need to work out at least the direction of travel with all of them.
    1. 3-term limits for trustees (needs AGM motion)
    2. Definition of roles of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
    3. Skills grid for future Board members - see draft at Board/Characteristics; and how do we incorporate this in the election process?
    4. Governance handbook & Trustee induction
    5. Governance audits
    6. Future Board self-assessments
  2. Executive Working Group
  3. 2013 AGM Calling Notice (see Annual Conference 2012/AGM Notice and EGM 2013/Notice)
  4. Future meetings & ways of working