Initial Board election

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Anyone signed up as being interested in being a Guarantor member or supporter by 19 September (23:59) can vote.

Voters will be asked to vote "Yes" or "No" for each candidate (although you don't have to vote on every candidate. The five candidates who receive the highest number of "Yes" votes will be announced (except if a candidate receives more "Nos" than "Yes"es, then they will not be elected). They will then be asked to confirm that they are still willing to set up wikimedia UK. If more than two withdraw then the candidate with the next largest number of votes will be added to the board.

Voting begins 20 September 00:01 and ends 27 September 23:59. Votes outside this time will be discarded.

Votes will be made by sending them to Special:EmailUser/UK_voteing_account (you will need to have an email address registered with wikimedia).

Voteing in the following form is suggested:

  • Candiate α yes
  • Candiate β no