London Wikimania Bid/Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

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Everyone involved has volunteered to help with this bid, and no-one stands to make any financial or other gain as a result of hosting Wikimania besides being involved with a great event. Some volunteers acknowledge that they are Wikipedia readers, rather than editors: but nevertheless they see themselves as volunteers for the movement, contributing in other ways as their skillsets allow.

  • Ed Saperia is employed by TechHub, a tech-startup-community-facilitation company based in London who will not be involved with Wikimania. Ed owns 100% of a company called The Clockwork Quartet Limited which produces various media and web projects, including which is a social networking tool. The Clockwork Quartet Limited will not be involved in Wikimania, although Ed may draw upon assets (eg projectors, storage, vehicles) that belong to his company to aid the event. He was previously employed by Barclays Capital. He has many years of amateur event planning experience. He organised Jimmy's Wikipedia 10th anniversary party (the one with the 5' globe and the candy floss). He has also organised another party for Wikimedia in the UK, which he paid for out of his own pocket, and from which he received no profit. He is friends with Fiona, Richard and Anastasia. He went to school with James Forrester. He is a Wikimedia UK member.
  • Anastasia Andrianova works for Byhiras, a London-based financial technology start-up she helped set up. Byhiras will have no involvement with Wikimania. Previously employed by Lehman Brothers, she used to work in private equity. Originally trained as a social scientist (International Relations and Economics, DPhil candidate Oxon), she maintains keen interest in humanities and various aspects of human interaction with the world. Through her experience in the financial services and capital raising, she has developed a network of contacts (potential corporate and institutional sponsors, contributors) that could be leveraged in preparation for the bid and the ultimate hosting of the conference. She is friends with Ed, and has met Fiona and Richard before.
  • Marek Kosniowski is a Wikipedia editor who works in European recruitment. He is friends with Fiona and Richard. He is a Wikimedia UK member.
  • James Knight is an intern at TechHub. He is not being employed or paid to help, but has volunteered to help with paperwork and administration. He works at the same company as Ed.
  • Fiona Apps is a Wikipedia administrator and has run WMUK events before. She is friends with Ed and married to Richard, and has met Anastasia. She is a Wikimedia UK member.
  • Raphael D'Amico is an uninvolved third party who has been consulted on general conference budgets. He attended the same school as Ed. He has previously organised a large conference in Chicago and his family are in the professional events management industry. There was some early stage consultation with him on planning, schedule and budgets, but he is not currently involved in the bid. He is likely to volunteer if the bid is successful.