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Category Items Description Total cost Notes
GBP (£) USD ($)
Venue Includes, venue hire, technical facilities, hot and cold buffet lunch and two lots of tea and biscuits. for a maximum of 750 attendees. 85000 Commercial Day delegate rate of £39 pounds per person for three days will be reduced for the foundation's charity status.
3 days
Accommodation 4 days 87000-117000 Part payable by attendees
Insurance for 1000 attendees
Promotional Materials for 1000 attendees
Conference Materials for 1000 attendees
Organization team
Scholarships 40 full scholarships 40000
Speakers 10 speakers 10000
Party General party 500 attendees 30000
VIP party 70 VIP 10000
Contingencies 10000
Total amount to be raised 300000

calculated assuming 1 GBP = 1.42 USD (16th March '09)