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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting Agenda
Saturday 24 April 2010
In person meeting following the 2010 AGM


  • All new board members
  • All 2009-2010 board members
  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Noting the election of the new Board
  4. Vote of thanks to outgoing board members
  5. What Board positions to have, and elections to those positions
    1. Handover and items in progress from outgoing Board
    2. General review with outgoing board of what went well during their tenure and what to improve on
  6. Transfer of authority to new board
    1. Location of Registered Office
    2. General authority per section 82, Charities Act 1993
    3. Bank account signatories
    4. Transfer of administration of Wikimedia website, mailing lists, Twitter account, email addresses, ...
    5. Access to Wikimedia internal wiki and mailing list
  7. Frequency and format of future board meetings
  8. Ongoing projects
  9. Planned projects and activities (inc. 2010 Budget)
    1. Office Manager
    2. Backstage Pass
  10. General discussion about plans and visions for the next year and further
  11. Any Other Business
  12. Date, time and venue of next meeting