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Historical This vacancy is now closed. The page is kept as an archival reference. If you want to discuss a topic, please start a discussion on the community forum.

Job title[edit | edit source]

"Office Manager" is chosen to avoid the confusion of "Administrator" with the sysop role on the Wikimedia projects.

Hours[edit | edit source]

Basic time will be 8 hours per week, rising to 12 hours per week during the Annual Fundraiser.

The employee can choose what hours they work, except for certain tasks, e.g. phone calls, which may have to be done during normal office hours and meetings which usually occur from 8:30 to 10:30pm.

Overtime will only be paid if it is authorised beforehand.

Pay[edit | edit source]

The rate of pay will be £10/hour. Additional pay for holidays, sickness etc. will be paid as per statutory requirements. Reasonable expenses - e.g. telephone, stationary - will be reimbursed through the usual expenses procedure.

The Office Manager will be paid on the last working day of the month by bank transfer following the submission of a timesheet to the [Treasurer] showing the hours worked and the tasks performed. Amounts will be paid net of PAYE income tax and national insurance.

For comparison, the Nationial Minimum Wage is currently £5.80 per hour and this official graduate jobs site gives £10-£16/hr as a range of starting salaries for "Office Managers" and £7.50-£10 for an "Administrator/Secretary". We should expect to have to pay a premium over this to reflect its part-time nature.

(Need to think about holiday pay/time)

Tasks[edit | edit source]

The Office Manager will report to the [secretary] who will allocate tasks on behalf of the board. These may include:

  • supporting projects, e.g. by booking venues, obtaining quotes or communicating with partner organisations
  • supporting board administration, e.g. minute taking, following up actions and writing reports
  • processing members and expense claims, updating accounts

Costs[edit | edit source]

No costs may be incurred without the prior permission of the board.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • Advertise in April
  • Fill post in June

Budget[edit | edit source]

Hours[edit | edit source]

(Missing: National Insurance; holiday/sickness)

Month Days in month Hours Cost
August 31 35.4 £354
September 30 34.3 £343
October 31 35.4 £354
November 30 51.4 £514
December 31 53.1 £531
January 31 53.1 £531
Total 184 262.7 £2627

Combined expenses[edit | edit source]

(Missing: travel, stationary costs, internet access. Computer? Skype equipment?)

Item Cost
Hours £2627
Phone £50 + calls = £100?
Stationery, postage, internet access 250
Total £2977