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Zoom meeting link

Passcode: 935167

We would like to warmly invite you to our meeting on Tuesday 9th November from 3-5pm to explore the future strategy of Wikimedia UK and discuss how the chapter can best serve its community. Our Chief Executive, Lucy Crompton-Reid, will be facilitating the call but there will be other staff and trustees attending, including our new Chair, Monisha Shah. This is a key opportunity to help shape the future direction of Wikimedia UK, and I would love to see as many contributors there as possible.  

The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Welcome to Monisha Shah, Chair of the Board
  3. Overview of process for developing our next three year strategy
  4. ‘Wouldn’t it be fantastic if...’ Working in groups then feeding back
  5. Focus on community: How can WMUK best serve volunteers?
  6. Reflection on the key strategic themes emerging so far
  7. Wrapping up

As part of the process of developing our next three year strategy, we have held away days with the board and staff team. From these discussions, the following key themes have emerged, which we believe should be core to our programme development and delivery over the next three years:

  • Knowledge Equity
  • Information Literacy
  • Climate Crisis

Underpinning all of our delivery are a set of (draft) strategic pillars, which we believe will help us to achieve the change we want to make in the world. These core foundation themes are:

  • Community
  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Organisational resilience and sustainability

Please sign up by adding your name below, with a link to your talk page or an email address, or contact us at

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  • Lucy Crompton-Reid
  • Natasha Iles
  • Katie Crampton
  • Sam
  • Sara Thomas
  • Rod Ward (User:Rodw)
  • Lorna M. Campbell
  • Richard Nevell
  • Karla Marte
  • Geni
  • Stella Wisdom
  • Fiona Romeo
  • Jonathan - WereSpielChequers
  • Phillip Kopetzky
  • Antonio Rocha
  • Kirsty Ross
  • Daria Cybulska