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The Training Portal

Training materials

Our materials for trainers include session plans, materials, advice on training methods and details of past events.

Below is a template for a training session introducing people to the process of writing for Wikipedia. It can be used to give a training session, or parts added or taken away to adapt it for the audience. There are many ways to train people how to edit, and this is just one suggestion (developed by Midas, Wikimedia UK volunteers, and staff).

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What does being a trainer involve?

Wikimedia UK trainers help to organise and deliver engaging workshops on topics such as how to edit Wikipedia. The audience often comprises of members of the public or staff at a partner organisation, and the workshops support our overall programme.

We have an ongoing Training the Trainers programme for our volunteers. It's not compulsory to be an accredited trainer to train at Wikimedia UK events, but it does improve your skills. Any upcoming events will be listed on the events calendar. If you are interested in future Train the Trainers workshop, or helping train people at events please email

Want Wikipedia or Wikimedia training?

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If you or your organisation would like to be trained in using Wikipedia, then we have well trained and kindly people ready to come and work with you at your events. Our aim is to guide people through the early stages of editing and then offer support as they become contributors. We are happy to travel whenever necessary to meet your needs. There is generally no charge for this. We have trainers who can support you in English and Welsh. Please contact us for more information

Keep an eye on the events calendar and Wikimedia UK's Twitter feed; there may already be a training event in your area that you can ask to join.

We are especially keen to work with:

Learn online

You can also learn about Wikipedia, Wikimedia and related online skills on Wikimedia UK's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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You can create yourself an account, and study systematically in 16 courses covering the various areas of Wikipedia and Wikimedia knowledge, with supporting technical points. Or you can refer to the VLE when you want to: keep it open in a tab as you edit Wikipedia.