U3A meeting 2014-12-12

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This page is for suggestions re Jonathan's meeting with London Region U3A on the 12th Dec. As well as introducing Wikipedia and Wikimedia UK, and explaining the obvious parallels in our mission, what are the things worth including in the half hour?

Intro to Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

  • Our mission
  • What we have so far
  • Commons and others
  • How does WMUK it in

Wikipedia editing surgeries[edit | edit source]

Running a series of Wikipedia training sessions, with at least initially pump priming it by offering our trainers.

Translatathons[edit | edit source]

Building on the UCL event, offering to run an event for London region Language course leaders on using Wikipedia for translation tasks for students.

Photo contests[edit | edit source]

Both organisations run photo contests, this could build synergies.

logistics[edit | edit source]

  • Train the trainers
  • Equipment
  • Venue