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WiR at the National Library of Wales. 21 Month Report

Projects delivered[edit | edit source]

Strategic Goal 1[edit | edit source]

Increase the quality and quantity of coverage of subjects that are currently underrepresented on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Permission granted to upload small samples of any out of copyright digital material from the Library’s website.
  • 2,500 statements added to Wikidata items for Aberystwyth Shipping records using data shared by Ceredigion County Archives.
  • Dictionary of Welsh Biography - Given access to additional data for the Dictionary of Welsh Biography. Once the data is prepared, Wikidata volunteers will upload using a bot.
  • Contacted by the curator of a collection of about 1000 digital images of Plankton. He is developing a new website to display the images but would also like to share high quality images to Wiki Commons. I have offered advice and access to technical support when he is ready to upload.

Accounts created[edit | edit source]


Image statistics[edit | edit source]

  • 20 Geoff Charles photographs were uploaded here
  • 20 Portraits of Shropshire Ladies were uploaded here
  • 9 Town maps of Wales were uploaded here
BaGLAMa (page views for Wikipedia articles containing images from National Library of Wales)
  • Sept – Page Views - TBC
GLAMorous (Percentage of Commons files used on Wikimedia projects)
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (November 24th ) - 50.62%

Strategic Goal 2[edit | edit source]

Support the development of open knowledge in the UK, by increasing the understanding and recognition of the value of open knowledge and advocating for change at an organisational, sectoral and public policy level

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • 27 Sept. Presentation for 10 members of staff at Center for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth University.
  • 6-7 Oct. Attended and reported on 4th Annual International Open Data Conference, Madrid
  • 19 Oct. Presentation for 200 on the impact of sharing images and data with Wikimedia projects at Museums and Tech Conference, London

Staff Workshops and Events[edit | edit source]

Nothing to report

Volunteer projects[edit | edit source]

  • A Wikipedia Visiting Scholar has been appointed to create Wikipedia content relating to influential Welsh Women. The project will be set up by Nov. 1st.
  • 1 Volunteer is now working on the Dictionary of Welsh Biography project, creating stub articles using entries from DWB as a source. 150 articles have been created to date.
  • Basic Wikidata has been created for 550 C19th ships registered at Aberystwyth, as a platform for future volunteer projects. A volunteer program to add more data, including a collaboration with Ceredigion County Archives and Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales is now being planned and organised, to begin this autumn. A volunteer from Ceredigion Archives has agreed to share additional data for each ship, which will be added to the Wikidata. The aim of this project is to demonstrate how Wikidata can be used to merge data from different institutions to create powerful open data.

More information about projects held with the NLW volunteer team can be found here

Media/Blogs[edit | edit source]

  • 20 October 2016 - Radio Interview, talking about the Wikidata created for Aberystwyth Shipping Records. - BBC Radio Cymru (Welsh)

Strategic Goal 3[edit | edit source]

To support the use of the Wikimedia projects as important tools for education and learning in the UK

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • The Wikidata Visiting Scholar has completed his work to convert Welsh Landscape Collection Data for 5000 images to Wikidata and match with images from Commons. You can see more here
  • The Wikidata Visiting Scholar is working with the Wikipedian in Residence to prepare a blog post summarizing the Welsh Landscapes project and highlighting the power of the Data created. Wikimedia Foundation Blog are interested in publishing when complete.
  • The Wikidata Visiting Scholar has agreed to work with NLW on another Data project focused on strengthening data on Welsh publishers with Dictionary of Welsh Biography entries, creating a detailed database of Welsh Publishers for the first time. This would also involve the creation of Wikipedia articles and lists. I am working with NLW staff to try and secure open release of relevant data.

  • I have been working with the NLW education team to develop a Wikipedia based module for the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification which would provide students across Wales with a template for organising and running their own Wikipedia Edit-a-thons and part of the qualification. The challenge will sit alongside a number of different challenge and students must choose one to complete each year. NLW will provide support to students who take up the challenge. The proposal has been submitted to the WJEC (Examining body) who have agreed to consider it as soon as possible.

Upcoming events[edit | edit source]

  • Arranged to speak about the value of working with Wikimedia with staff at the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales on 17 November.
  • Proposal to speak at the Welsh ‘Digital Past’ conference next spring about working with Wikimedia and open content/open data has been accepted.

Digital collections for release[edit | edit source]

The objective is to identify and release digital archives to Wiki-commons, primarily for use in Wikipedia articles.

Collections identified for future upload:

  • A fresh request has been made to upload handpicked Public Domain images from the NLW website. The request will be considered by NLW senior management on September 20th. If successful, uploads can commence immediately.
  • Framed Works – abt 600 images (needs to be ingested first – Progress is being made). All pre 1880 content shared by the NLW with the Public Catalogue Foundation for the BBC ‘Your Paintings’ project.
  • Welsh Portraits - 5,000 images (needs to be ingested first). This is the largest single Welsh portrait collection including examples of framed works, etchings and photographs. The collection includes portraits from the middle ages to modern times. (Preparing this collection for upload has now become a priority for the NLW, and it is hoped we can upload before the end of the year – UPDATE : Work has begun on making this collection available. Hopefully the collection will now be ready for upload to Commons within the next couple of months

Projects in development[edit | edit source]

  • Wales for Peace Project – discussions with Wales for Peace project manager lead to discussions with the Lloyd George Museum in North Wales. A collaborative Edit-a-thon event is being discussed, with support from Peoples Collection Wales who can scan items from the Museum to be uploaded to Commons.
  • Dictionary of Welsh Biography - A request for funding is being considered by the library to contract a third party developer to create a bespoke interface/timeline to visualize and explore the Dictionary of Welsh Biography. The interface would be powered by Wikidata and images from Wiki Commons and would link to Dictionary of Welsh Biography and Wikipedia content. This would cement the libraries commitment to contributing to Wikimedia projects and making use of Wikimedia services and content to develop its own innovative online infrastructure.
  • Continuing discussions with Tom Pert from The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales about sharing data sets via Wikidata, which will complement NLW data in Wikidata.
  • Myself and Dr Dafydd Tudur have been asked to contribute to a book on open access, using the Wikipedia residency as a case study. The project is being managed by Fred Saunderson NLS. A draft of the case study is being prepared and will be submitted to Fred Saunderson by September 30th
  • Myself and Dr Dafydd Tudur (head of Digital Access) have begun writing a business case with a strong case for adopting an open access approach similar to the Rijksmuseum. Once completed the document will be made available to Wikimedia UK and presented to the National Library management team.
  • Discussions with NLW volunteer co-ordinator about finding a Welsh speaking volunteer to translate/adapt content produced by the Wikipedia Visiting Scholar. She has 1 volunteer in mind and will be discussing the proposal with her.
  • The request for a Wikipedia based Welsh Baccalaureate ‘Challenge’ (See Education) was due for consideration at a September meeting of the WJEC Board but the meeting has been delayed until November. The head of NLW education team has asked the examining body if the request could be fast tracked. We await their response.
  • Discussions with Staff in the Welsh Governments Welsh Language department lead to interesting discussions about the possibility of providing Wikipedia training for Secondary School teachers via teacher training consortiums.
  • Discussions with the Wales for Peace team about running Wikipedia workshops for school children in North Wales this Autumn as part of their WWI remembrance program.

Historic statistics[edit | edit source]

BaGLAMa (page views for Wikipedia articles containing images from National Library of Wales)


  • February- Page Views - 51,330
  • March- Page Views - 70,996
  • April- Page Views - 186,973
  • May- Page Views - 178,917
  • Jun- Page Views - 697,704
  • Jul- Page Views - 2,306,570
  • Aug- Page Views - 2,437,248
  • Sept- Page Views - 4,075,081
  • October- Page Views - 4,698,284
  • November- Page Views - 6,588,820
  • December- Page Views - 11,644,987


  • January- Page Views - 11,687,926
  • February- Page Views - 12,632,817
  • March - Page Views - 13,812,774
  • April - Page Views - 13,912,372
  • May - Page Views - 14,561,695
  • June - Page Views - 14,641,717
  • July - Page Views - 13,337,491
  • Aug – Page Views 12,581,735
  • Sept – Page Views - TBC

GLAMorous (Percentage of Commons files used on Wikimedia projects)
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (March 19th) - 7.29%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (April 20th) - 10.2%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (May 19th) - 11.7%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (June 22nd) - 11.61%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (July 17th) - 11.21%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (August 19th) - 6.34%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (September 17th) - 7.62%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (October 20th) - 11.43%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (November 18th) - 12.58%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (December 17th) - 17.29%


  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (January 18th) - 12.89%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (February 24th ) - 13.59%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (March 18th ) - 14.21%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (April 25th ) - 28.38%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (May 18th ) - 37.37%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (June 17th ) - 42.01%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (July 21st ) - 50.02%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (August 17th ) - 50.13%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (September 19th ) - 50.69%
  • Percentage of images used in a Wiki (November 24th ) - 50.62%