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The primary purpose of this table is to identify the current 81 VLE lessons as lying on seven levels (I = introductory, VII = most advanced). These levels reflect dependencies: the top level VII consists of topics for which you should study half-a-dozen other things before attempting.

This information then can feed into e.g. training, video scripts, curriculum development. It also shows up areas where the existing material could be reconsidered. Another by-product should be some idea of a "core" training curriculum.

Division by level[edit | edit source]

The numbers of lessons on each level are

  • I = 10, II = 14, III = 15, IV = 22, V = 11, VI = 6, VII = 3.

Bold is used below for lessons considered in the "core curriculum" (67, i.e. excluding 14). The lessons by level, and then alphabetically, are:

  • Level I: Editing (A); Free Content (A); Link to Wikipedia (B); Navigation (A); Other Files (B); Parts of an Article (B); Reuse (A); Search (A); Troubleshooting (A); Wikipedia Basics (A).
  • Level II: Accounts (A); Categories (A); Contacting Wikipedia and Wikimedia (B); Content Policy (A); Edit Window (A); Free Content (B); Images (A); Policy Made Simple (A); Problem Content (B); Wikimedia Basics (X); Wikipedia Basics (B); Wikipedia Basics (C); Wikipedia Technical Overview (B); WikiProjects (A).
  • Level III: Accounts (B); Categories (B); Characters and Tables (A); Conflict of Interest (A); Deletion (A); Images (B); Images (C); Policy and Guidelines (B); Search and Navigation (B); Talk Pages (A); The Wikipedia Model (B); Tools and Labs (B); User Features and User Space (A); Wikipedia Writing (B); Wikitext (A).
  • Level IV: Biographies of Living Persons (B); Deletion (B); Disagreements (A); Disambiguation (B); Drafting (A); Encyclopedias (B); External Links (B); How to Ask (A); Major and Minor Edits (A); Non-article Content (B); Non-Roman Scripts (B); Onsite Status (A); Orphans and Dead-ends (A); Other Languages (B); Page Protection (B); Problem Users (A); Redirects (B); Referencing (A); Reuse (B); Starting an Article (A); Talk Pages (B); Templates (B).
  • Level V: Article Tagging (A); Bans and Blocks (A); Conflict of Interest (B); Editing (B); Handling Content Disputes (B); Merges (B); Onsite Status (B); Page Moves (A); Referencing (B); Sister Projects (B); Templates (C).
  • Level VI: Conflict of Interest and Bias (X); Formal Dispute Resolution (B); Splits and Summary Style (C); Starting an Article (B); Templates (X); Wikitext (B).
  • Level VII: Appeals (C); MediaWiki (C); Wikipedia Writing (C).

Notations[edit | edit source]

The notations used are:

  • Column 2: A = introductory level; B = everyday editing level; C = advanced level; X = so you think you are an expert.
  • Column 3: R = Useful for any reader; T = wikitext; W = writing; S = social; M = Wikimedia; F = free/open content.

Tabulation[edit | edit source]

Number Lesson
Area(s) Dependencies (heavy) Dependencies (light) Depended on by (heavy) Depended on by (light) Comments
1 Accounts (A) II S 47 73 2 40 61 71
2 Accounts (B) III S 1 45 46
3 Appeals (C) VII S 25 41 None None
4 Article Tagging (A) V TS 21 63 65 None None
5 Bans and Blocks (A) V S 40 51 None None
6 Biographies of Living Persons (B) IV W 14 68 None None
7 Categories (A) II T 37 57 8 30 58 66 69
8 Categories (B) III T 7 20 21 37 80 None None
9 Characters and Tables (A) III T
10 Conflict of Interest (A) III WS
11 Conflict of Interest (B) V WS
12 Conflict of Interest and Bias (X) VI WS
13 Contacting Wikipedia and Wikimedia (B) II M
14 Content Policy (A) II W
15 Deletion (A) III S
16 Deletion (B) IV S
17 Disagreements (A) IV S
18 Disambiguation (B) IV T
19 Drafting (A) IV W 21 71 45 61
20 Edit Window (A) II T
21 Editing (A) I T None 57 19 20 30
22 Editing (B) V T
23 Encyclopedias (B) IV RW
24 External Links (B) IV T 80*
25 Formal Dispute Resolution (B) VI S
26 Free Content (A) I F None None 27
27 Free Content (B) II F 26 32
28 Handling Content Disputes (B) V WS
29 How to Ask (A) IV S 20 21 70 71 64
30 Images (A) II
31 Images (B) III
32 Images (C) III F 30 31 None None
33 Link to Wikipedia (B) I M None None None None
34 Major and Minor Edits (A) IV
35 MediaWiki (C) VII
36 Merges (B) V
37 Navigation (A) I R None None 7 8
38 Non-article Content (B) IV
39 Non-Roman Scripts (B) IV
40 Onsite Status (A) IV S None 1 73 74 75
41 Onsite Status (B) V
42 Orphans and Dead-ends (A) IV
43 Other Files (B) I T None None None None
44 Other Languages (B) IV
45 Page Moves (A) V
46 Page Protection (B) IV
47 Parts of an Article (B) I None None
48 Policy and Guidelines (B) III WS None None
49 Policy Made Simple (A) II RWS None 26 73
50 Problem Content (B) II RWS
51 Problem Users (A) IV
52 Redirects (B) IV T 80 81
53 Referencing (A) IV
54 Referencing (B) V
55 Reuse (A) I F None None
56 Reuse (B) IV MF None 75
57 Search (A) I None None
58 Search and Navigation (B) III
59 Sister Projects (B) V
60 Splits and Summary Style (C) VI
61 Starting an Article (A) IV
62 Starting an Article (B) VI
63 Talk Pages (A) III
64 Talk Pages (B) IV
65 Templates (B) IV
66 Templates (C) V
67 Templates (X) VI
68 The Wikipedia Model (B) III
69 Tools and Labs (B) III
70 Troubleshooting (A) I TWM None None
71 User Features and User Space (A) III
72 Wikimedia Basics (X) II
73 Wikipedia Basics (A) I MF None None
74 Wikipedia Basics (B) II
75 Wikipedia Basics (C) II
76 Wikipedia Technical Overview (B) II
77 Wikipedia Writing (B) III
78 Wikipedia Writing (C) VII
79 WikiProjects (A) II
80 Wikitext (A) III
81 Wikitext (B) VI