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We should email the people who contributed to the 2010 Fundraiser - we have about 30,000 email addresses on file from that. The advantages of contacting them are:

  • It's nice to say thank you
  • We can remind people what they've achieved
  • We can give them an opportunity to find out more about what we're up to & how they can get involved
  • We will probably want to contact them again about other WMUK projects and possibly the 2011 fundraiser, best to start a dialogue now.
  • Email lists age rapidly and we should find out what state ours is in 6 months after people donated

The plan is to send emails gradually via CiviCRM so responses can be managed. CiviCRM has HTML features we can make use of (while email clients only render basic HTML and then unreliably, we can still produce something fairly professional-looking.

Please feel free to propose drafts, comment on or edit on existing drafts, etc etc. Do bear in mind that most donors will not be editors, have limited understanding of the Foundation and the Chapter, and probably only know about Wikipedia rather than other WMF projects. A few more good examples of what donors have helped achieve would be helpful.

Copy - Chris K initial draft[edit | edit source]

Dear {contact.first_name},

Thank you for helping to keep Wikipedia free for the last 6 months!

Every day, millions of people worldwide turn to Wikipedia's 18,400,000 articles in over 260 languages for the information they need. And it is thanks to your help that we're able to share this information with them. Whether it's an article on Edward III, the asteroid belt, L.Ron Hubbard or Radiohead - they are all powered by you.

It's truly remarkable that the world's leading reference work is written entirely by volunteers, and kept running solely by donations. There isn't a single advert anywhere near it. That's because of the very generous donation of AMOUNT you made last Autumn to the Wikimedia fundraiser.

Of course, you weren't alone. You were one of over 500,000 people in every part of the world who helped raise a total of over £10 million. That's what Wikipedia is all about - people worldwide coming together to make knowledge free and open to all.

So I just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You.

Roger Bamkin
Wikimedia UK

PS. You might have heard about some of the work we're doing to build links between Wikipedia and British museums, libraries and charities. For instance, we've recently run projects with the British Museum, Cancer Research UK, and the British Library. If you're interested in getting involved in our outreach work, either as a Wikipedia editor or a partner institution, drop me an email or check out our website at www.wikimedia.org.uk .

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Graphics[edit | edit source]

Something along the lines of this as a header?