2010 Fundraising Summit/participants

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If you plan to attend the summit, please add yourself to this list. Please also add when you intend to arrive and leave once you know. We expect people to arrive gradually during the Friday and will determine activities based on when people expect to get there. We expect to finish with the business of the summit by the end of Sunday morning, but may arrange some afternoon activities if people want to stay a little longer. Lunch has been arranged for all three days.

Name Organisation Arriving Leaving Notes
Thomas Dalton Wikimedia UK Crack of dawn I'll turn out the lights
Andrew Turvey Wikimedia UK Friday all day Friday
Brian Salter-Duke Wikimedia Australia Lunch 14th After lunch Sunday
Pavel Richter Wikimedia Germany 19:10, May 14 (EZY6224) 18:10, May 16 (EZY6237)
Till Mletzko Wikimedia Germany 22:50, May 13 18:40, May 16
Vladimir Medeyko Wikimedia RU Not sure yet Not sure yet
Pierre Beaudouin Wikimédia France 10:45, May 14 17:15, May 16
Florence Devouard Wikimédia France 10:45, May 14 17May, 12:05
Rand Montoya Wikimedia Foundation May 13 early morn May 17 morning
Megan Hernandez Wikimedia Foundation May 12 or 13 May 16 or 17
Tomas Finc Wikimedia Foundation May 12 or 13 May 16 or 17
Erik Moeller Wikimedia Foundation May 14 May 17
Carlos Barcenilla Wikimedia Argentina May 13 22:15 May 16 17:55
Jose Spierts Wikimedia Nederland May 13 ~21h (airport) May 16 ~16h (airport)
Lodewijk Gelauff Wikimedia Nederland May 13 ~21h (airport) May 16 ~16h (airport)