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A Wikipedian in Residence is a role in which a Wikipedia editor accepts a placement with an institution to facilitate Wikipedia entries related to that institution and its exhibits, archives, and cultural content. A Wikipedian in Residence's underlying task is to build a relationship between the Museum and the Wikipedian community through a range of activities, both internal and public-facing. These will include:

  • Organising events to create or expand existing articles about notable items or subjects of specific relevance to the collection and the organisation's expertise;
  • supporting Wikipedians already editing articles related to the institution both locally and internationally;
  • working with curators and archivists to explain Wikipedia's practices and how they might be able to contribute directly.

Wikimedia UK has a budget of £15,000 to support Wikipedians in residence up until January 31st 2013. We expect to allocate funds in the 2013-14 budget to continue the work. For full details of what this means, you can read the page at Outreach - Wikipedians in Residence.

We are now seeking institutions to make bids for these positions. This could be for full or part-time posts - they could be fully or part funded by the institutions, or in some circumstances WMUK would consider paying for the post.

How to apply[edit | edit source]

We would like institutions interested to contact daria.cybulskaatwikimedia.org.uk for an application form. The closing date for expressions of interest will be November 15th at 5pm. Please return completed forms to daria.cybulskaatwikimedia.org.uk

The decision will be made by a panel of Wikipedians on or about the 17th of November 2012. Each institution will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of institution
  • Its aim and purpose
  • Contact details of the institution and the name of someone to liaise with
  • Whether they are willing to fund or part fund the post
  • Whether this post would be full or part-time and how long it would last
  • What support the person would be offered
  • How the institution would see the iR recruited and managed
  • An explanation of how they see the Wikipedian in Residence working with the institution and its research/community/collections
  • Whether this builds on any existing programs or work with the Wikimedia community or other open content projects.
  • Confirmation that they, and specifically the person who will be managing the Wikipedian in Residence, understand Wikipedia's policies on conflict of interest and how this interacts with the resident's role.