2012 Grants budget

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Comment This document is a work in progress that will evolve over the course of the year. Please suggest improvements on the talk page, or make changes to this page directly.

The 2012 Activity Plan includes £15,000 for grants, with budget responsibility being with Mike Peel with office support. The description of the budget reads:

We will expand our existing Microgrants and Macrogrants programme and support members of the community to propose initiatives they want to take forward. (Note: in previous years, funding for this activity came from the Opportunity Fund.) In 2011 we managed to use the directors skills to lead several projects and respond to other opportunities as they arose. This will still be the case but we are expecting that the majority of applications will be from enthusiastic volunteers working in partnership with educational or cultural partners. For instance we have a town who want to QRpedia code their monuments, buildings and amenities. This doesn't fit into our existing programme but is innovative of what others could achieve.

This page sets out the breakdown of the budget in terms of the specific projects it is being used to support. It is a working document that will evolve over time.

The projected breakdown of the budget is £3,000 for microgrants, and £12,000 for macrogrants, to be allocated over the course of the year.

Microgrants[edit | edit source]

Microgrants are grants of between £5 and £250. This process has been running since mid-2010, and has resulted in several successful past activities as well as a number of ongoing activities.

The following microgrants have been funded from this budget:

Title Budget Actual Notes
Brighton Hackathon 2011 £50 Closing off microgrant from 2011 (£120 covered in 2011 budget)
Oxford Law Competition £100
Gibbons Stamp Monthly Digital Archive 1890 - 2009 £200
RMS Titanic research in England £75
RMS Titanic research in Northern Ireland £300 Approved by the Board
Core Contest (prizes) £250
Total £975

Macrogrants[edit | edit source]

Macrogrants are grants of between £250 and £2,000. These need board approval before going ahead. It is expected that we will approve grants totaling £12,000 over the course of the year. The process for this is currently being developed at Macrogrants (legacy process are at Activities and Grants).