2014 Activity Plan/Membership

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Lead member of staff

Katie Chan

Indicative budget amount


Description and overall rationale

The aim of this strand of work is to support the membership of the chapter, making sure that the variety of opinions contributed within the membership improves the democratic framework of the charity (e.g. during voting at the AGM). We would aim for the membership to be more representative of the UK readership. This area of activity looks at the governance aspects of our work, rather than growing the community of volunteers.

Timelines - i.e. what happens quarter by quarter
  • N/a - throughout the year.
  • Key events associated with membership are Wikimania and AGM, both in Q3, August.
Success criteria and Metrics - overall and quarter by quarter breakdown if relevant
  • Entryism of charity membership (countermeasure taking legal advice on how to approve membership applications)
  • Membership lists hacked
  • Lack of diversity within membership causes lack of variety of opinion e.g. during the AGM