ARC Agenda 2014-01-21

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Agenda for Audit and Risk Committee 21st January 2014

  • Financial procedures revision.
  • Revised expenses policy.
  • Review of draft Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Current Account and Deposit Account signatories - what to recommend to the Board
  • Which non-connected banks can we now open an account with to safeguard our cash reserves within the £85k govt. compensation limit? Formal decision will be expected by banks.
  • New Imprest Bank Current Account for small payments, which the CE has been mandated to set up: options for bank and bank mandate - Formal decision will be expected by bank.
  • Further review of the Risk Register to re-evaluate all Major Risks to be reported by the CE to the March Board Meeting
  • Review of JD's management forecast for staff-time allocations to individual projects/programmes within our agreed 2014-15 Budget.