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This is the agenda for a telephone board meeting that will take place on 26 July 2012 at 8.00pm. All trustees, plus Jon and Richard, are expected to be present. Dial-in details are on the office wiki.

The meeting was continued on 2 August at 8.00pm.

26 July[edit | edit source]

Chair's Report

  • Report from WCA first meeting
    Financial support for the WCA in the rest of this financial year.

Treasurer report

  • Annual Audit
  • Pensions
    • Decision on pension provider and delegation of responsibility
    CE recommends approve recommendation of Stephen Gardner, Templar Financial. CE to manage, Richard to administer.

2 August[edit | edit source]

  1. Apologies for any absences
  2. Noting Fæ's decision to stand down as Chair
  3. Nominations and decision on who should be the new Chair
  4. CE report
    1. 5-year plan, as per 14 July discussion
    2. Progress on 2013 activity plan LInk to most recent calculations based on on-wiki discussions.
    3. interns
    4. developer post
    5. Chepstowpedia
      CE recommends allocating £14K (see reports)
    6. Communications Data Bill
  5. (briefly) status of Annual Audit
  6. Roger's report at Reports 26Jul12
  7. September meeting
  8. Any Other Business
    1. Education Subcommittee