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This is the agenda for the Board meeting that will be held on 30 June - 1 July at the WMUK Office at Old Street in London.

The majority of the meeting will be recorded and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, and/or will be live-streamed (access details will be posted both here and via @WikimediaUK). Minutes will be openly written at etherpad:WMUKMinutes. Note that in-camera sessions will not be broadcast, recorded or publicly minuted.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

  • Board: Roger Bamkin [RB], John Byrne [JB], Chris Keating [CK], Mike Peel (Minutes backup) [MP], Doug Taylor [DT], Joscelyn Upendran (JU), Ashley Van Haeften (Chair) [Fæ]
  • Staff: Jon Davies (Chief Exec) [JD], Richard Symonds (Office Mgr, Minutes lead) [RS], Daria Cybulska [DC], Stevie Benton [SB]
  • Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting! Please express your interest in attending on the talk page, or get in touch with a trustee or staff member.

Friday 29 June[edit | edit source]

  • Evening: gathering for a meal or drinks somewhere?
  • Please post your expected time of arrival below.

Saturday 30 June[edit | edit source]

Time Leader Activity
09.30-10.00 - Arrival & Coffee
10.00 - Start of meeting
10.15 Peter Williams Induction for new board. Including Charity Commission guidance, PQASSO and self-assessment
11.00 - Working as a team, trustee code of conduct, what we expect of each other. Staff arrive to present 'what they do'.
13.00 - Lunch - chance to chat with staff
14.00 Peter Williams Continuation of induction including Trustee skills, staff and volunteer roles, wearing different hats and board -staff interaction.
16.00 Future of PQASSO and WMUK professional development
17.00 -- End of meeting
18:30 -- Evening at nearby restaurant - 'The Yard' (reservation under Daria)

Sunday 1 July[edit | edit source]

  • Too much of this agenda has my name on it. I expect this to continue to be re-jigged on Saturday, with other trustees taking a lead on topics they have a passion for... -- (talk) 20:53, 29 June 2012 (UTC)
Time Leader Activity
10.00 - Start
10.00 Agenda, streaming, apologies
10.05 MP Transfer of responsibility to the new Board

Declarations of interest

10.10 MP 20m Review of past meetings and approval of Minutes

Review email decisions

  • 15 May, Approval of the PRCA press release (DW, JU, JB, MP) [1]
  • 23 May, Decision to amend staff contracts (with the exception of the CE contract, and subject to staff agreeing to the amendment) to change the notice period given by either party to "four weeks until you have been continuously employed for 2 years and thereafter the notice to be given by you or the Employer increases by one week for each year of continuous employment up to a maximum of 12 weeks." [MP, RB, DT, JU, CK] [2]
  • 5 June, Approval of extended funding of Daria's visa application [JU, DT, MP, JB]
  • 15 June, decision to hire a full-time developer as per Developer job description. [MP, CK, DT, JU] [3]
  • 17 June, approval of a letter offering support for WCA registration in the UK. [MP, JB, Fæ, DT, RB, JU) [4]
  • 24 June, decision to approve and sign the meta:2012-13 Fundraising Agreement (UK). [CK, Fæ, JB, DT, MP] [5]
  • ?? June, decision to approve the Participation policy. Decision in progress, currently approved by CK, MP, Fæ. [6]
10.30 MP & RS 2m Approval of new members
10.32 Fæ 5m Chair's report and actions
10.35 Fæ ~20m Trustee workshop on risk assessment and identification of required contingency plans
  • See previous work at WMUK risk discussion
  • Outcomes: Statement of current top 5 identified risks with a reasonable likelihood of impact in the medium term
?? - Coffee break
11.30 JD ~45m 5-year plan
?? - natural break
12.45 Fæ ~20m Proposals for sub-committees (see ‡)
  • GLAM-WIKI 2012 and delegation of budget to GLAM sub-committee (Fig.1)
  • Outreach sub-committee
    • Recognition of, and potential delegation to Conference Committee
    • EduWiki group (pending proposal by Doug and Martin)
?? MP ~15m WikiConference UK 2013 planning (June outside of London?), WikiConference UK / Wikimania Europe / Wikimania Global 2014 (July in London)
13.00ish - Lunch
?? Fæ / All ~25m Reporting required for monitoring operations and summary of key indicators
  • How effective are the current weekly and monthly reports?
  • What information is currently used by the board? We need to have oversight of risk management, monitor operations, and ensure plans to deliver against are mission are in place and effective. If we are not doing this, them we need to ask for the right information.
13.30 All 45m Trustees and Chief Executive reports

NB: Doug to incorporate Martin P's and Harry's report

14.15 Board (in camera) 45m Board discussion incorporating a review of staff reports, activities and processes
15.00 Fæ 20m Wikimedia Chapters Association. To include decisions on ratifying the WCA charter, getting our contribution in place in time for us to make a meaningful commitment at the Wikimania meeting, and to name a chapter representative (likely to default to Fæ for Wikimania at least).
? MP/JD International Wikimedia politics?
? JD (and trustee for outreach) 15m Outreach
? [‡] JB/RS 30m Allocation of budget holders, and current status of finances (delegated non-trustee budget holders)
? CK 20m 2012-13 fundraiser (and Funds Dissemination Committee)
? JD Draft budget against fundraising target and meeting the 5 year plan.
16.00 - Tea break
?? Fæ 10m Discussion about the schedule and composition of future board meetings
?? Fæ/MP 5m Next board meeting
17.50 - End of meeting
  • Please post your expected time of departure below.
    • As we are having supper together on Saturday night, and others will be worrying about
Roger has to catch a train at 4
JU has to leave at 5:30

Logistics[edit | edit source]

  • For directions, see Office
  • Accommodation: to be organised by the Office at Tavistock Hotel?
  • Car parking: where is this available?
    • Parkopedia says there are car parks reasoanbly close, but parking on the outskirts and taking public transport in would probably be cheaper and easier.
    • For the last few London visits I've made, I've parked at Stanmore Station Car Park, Stanmore HA7 4PD, - just off junction 4 of the M1. It's a very large car park (450 spaces) and costs £1.50 for Saturday and £1 for Sunday, all day. Mon-Fri costs £4.50 for each day. It's at the north end of the Jubilee line and in zone 5. Tube travel for a day costs £8-50 for zones 1-6, and it usually takes (very roughly) an hour to travel from Stanmore to most destinations in central London. I'm not sure if this is the most cost-effective solution or even the most time-efficient, but it works and is predictable in cost and time. Obviously, folks driving in via different routes from the M1 will probably find a similar 'park & ride' solution for them. --RexxS (talk) 12:34, 7 June 2012 (UTC)