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Comment This is an unofficial list of actions, as it is not maintained by the Secretary.

This list is generated by checking Board meetings for links of the form "Minutes *" or "Notes *" and then examines each of those linked pages for the {{action}} and {{decision}} templates, extracts that paragraph and adds it to the list below. Some minutes listed at Board meetings may still be in draft and consequently the related actions below might automatically be refreshed sometime after the minutes are edited. The bot is currently checking Board meetings/Archive for minutes dated in 2012. If you would like the bot that generated this list re-run or changed, please contact (talk).

Actions and decisions from board meetings[edit | edit source]

Please do not edit this list, it is auto-generated by a bot for checking purposes and is likely to be over-written. This list checks minutes on the public wiki only. Refer to Board meetings/2012-13 List of actions for the manually checked version which includes in-camera actions.

Minutes 3Jan12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: RS to set up weekly email of pending members to the board for approval. Also to look into 'red flagging' systems to identify any problematic membership applications that might be received.
ACTION: MLP to share with JD a list of his education sector contacts.
ACTION: Fæ and RB to ensure that strategy is on the agenda for future meetings.

Minutes 24Jan12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: Comms person to look into organising a media training day for staff, trustees and volunteers.
ACTION: Jon to push forward the QRPedia transfer of ownership.
ACTION: Jon to write a blog post on the events organiser appointment when completed.
ACTION: Jon to integrate the text from the google document into 2012 Activity Plan, and to use that as the main point for developing the plans for our activities this year.
ACTION: All budget owners are asked to complete the details of their items by the next board meeting.
ACTION: RB to add an agenda item to the next board meeting about WMF activity in the UK.
ACTION: AT to send the list of 2012 authorising individuals around to the board for approval
ACTION: JD to integrate the list of 2012 authorising individuals into the 2012 activity plan.
ACTION: RB and JD to rank policies by order of importance, so that trustees can focus on reading and approving the most urgent first, and work out what should be on the agenda.

Minutes 11Feb12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: RB to propose an outline to the next board for next year's board structure.
ACTION: All to publicise the AGM on May 12, putting particular emphasis on booking train tickets early.
ACTION: SV to discuss whether the Science Museum's definition of 'AV equipment' includes webcasting, and how much that would cost.
ACTION: MLP to devise an interactive starter session for the AGM.
ACTION: RB to put together a blog post & process on the wiki about the AGM, including an invitation for speakers
ACTION: RB to go ahead with the ideas & plans he has come up with for the Wikimedia UK Awards. The prizes would be kept by the recipients rather than returned.
ACTION: RB to communicate the increase in the number of days of staff holiday to JD for his contract.
ACTION: JD to communicate the increase in the number of days of staff holiday with other staff and modify their contracts as needed.
ACTION: JD and CK to reconcile the data protection and donor privacy policies.
ACTION: Fae to send a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement to JD.
ACTION: JD to take a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement and redraft it into something suitable for WMUK.
ACTION: CK and RS to draft a Creative Commons 'Licencing Policy'. (Done, at Copyright Policy)
ACTION: Fae and CK to merge Friendly space policy & Participation policy and submit the result to the board for approval by email.
ACTION: JD to draft a harassment prevention process, including the steps leading to referring a situation to the police.
ACTION: JD to draft an expansion of the whistleblowing policy set out in the staff policies, to allow non-staff members to whistleblow.
ACTION: MLP to finish off the final text describing the process of peer assessment of trainers and share with the Board for editing and approval.
ACTION: RB to talk to WMF Chair to see if it would be possible for WMUK representatives to sit in on the WMF board meeting.
ACTION: RB and JD to raise the issue of improving communication and cooperation with their counterparts at the WMF (Ting Chen and Sue Gardner respectively)
ACTION: RB to contact Pigsonthewing to provide an estimate for the cost of a web-streaming system, and to see if he's happy to webcast the Monmouth meeting. If Pigsonthewing is not available, SV will ask Sam Downey to get involved with Monmouth meeting.
ACTION: JD to chase RB about QRpedia from 1 March.
ACTION: RS to look into setting up a system of data entry and publication to the wiki - one which allows a multitude of claiming processes (paper, email, etc). System should be secure, but as open as possible. To be reported on at the Monmouth board meeting.
ACTION: RS to email Moushira and find out more about report due dates and when the Report pages on the Wiki are updated. Also to update current reports on our Wiki.
ACTION: RS and JD to bring the on-wiki fundraising reports up to date.
ACTION: RS to look into how exactly we record donations in kind - ideally to be as open as possible.
ACTION: Complying with Direct Debit regulations - RS to look into making sure that we are legally OK with this.
ACTION: RS to get some promotional flyers etc printed out, also freepost envelopes.
ACTION: RB and AT to pay the second tranche of the WMF grant and contact Barry Newstead re: the fundraising agreement.
ACTION: AT to implement the division of budget responsibilities amongst trustees and staff.
DECISION : All trustees to have text completed by end of March.
DECISION : to have the AGM at the Science Museum on May 12.
DECISION : SV and MP abstained, but there was otherwise full support for the 'name change' resolution. MP would like the proposal to be fleshed out first. This will be put forward by the Board to the AGM.
DECISION : Registration in Scotland. TD would like to see more legal advice, but no-one on the board opposed. This will be put forward by the Board to the AGM.
DECISION : Extending board terms from one to two years. No-one on the board opposed. This will be put forward by the Board to the AGM.
DECISION : Motion to amend the election rules will be merged with the extending board terms resolution.
DECISION : TD's motion to introduce Rules for Resolutions at General Meetings. TD felt that this would improve the democratic process, by giving the community more power to decide changes. There was a worry, however, that this would slow down the board's reactions to urgent incidents such as the charity commission application. There was not board support for this, it will need to be put forward by the members.
DECISION : staff will have 25 days holiday in addition to bank holidays.
DECISION : aside from the data protection section, the staff policies have been approved.
DECISION : Whether or not staff are doing work best suited for volunteers, will be measured in staff appraisals.
DECISION : the volunteer policy at was adopted by the Board.
DECISION : The board approved the Titanic group of microgrants as a board decision.
DECISION : JD and RS to look into a process in the office for setting up ID cards.
DECISION : MP to talk to our Scottish volunteer about a code of conduct for people with ID cards. The microgrant will be approved subject to a satisfactory code of conduct being put in place and approved by the Board.
DECISION : £3k grant for Chapters Meeting was approved. MP to facilitate this.
DECISION : Fae to sit on the steering group for Toolserver funding committee. Fae to ask Europeana for a tranche-based payment schedule (eg four tranches of £20k).
DECISION : Leicester is the best of the options for the event on Thursday 6/Friday 7 September 2012. Authorise 5.5K to pay for room hire, catering and IT for a two day conference for up to 100 people. Actions: MLP to immediately instigate organising committee and begin devising programme and call for papers. Events Manager (DC) to support.
DECISION : To increase the number of desks for 2012-13 from four to six as soon as is reasonably possible.
DECISION : To transfer the underspend from staff salaries of as-yet unhired staff, to the office budget to pay for startup items such as PCs.
DECISION : To put £150,000 into a 12 month Santander Loyalty Corporate Bond.
DECISION : To pay the remaining £200k grant to the WMF and follow up with Barry Newstead re: the fundraising agreement. AT also has authority to transfer a third tranche once the accounts are finalised, as long as that amount is less than £45k.
DECISION : The budgets are approved.

Minutes 3Mar12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: JD to turn the draft sysadmin requirements into a proposal to send out to the industry.
ACTION: RS to send an email around to board members to see which board members are likely to want to go to WM2012.
ACTION: RS to send an email to James Farrar to thank him for agreeing to be a teller.
ACTION: RS to email SV and ask how many rooms we have available for the AGM - we now have three tracks, rather than two, which could be problematic if there are only two rooms.
ACTION: RS to email the UK list to ask for submissions for possible talks at the AGM.
ACTION: RS to email a list of 'interesting donors' to RB, who will ask them if they would like to speak at our AGM.
ACTION: CK to finish the letter to Sue on whether WMUK wants to process donations to Wikimedia in the UK, and RB to email it to Sue, copying in the WMF Board.
ACTION: RB to email the WMUK resolution about the chapters meeting around the appropriate lists, including internal-l.
ACTION: CK and JD to set out a job description for support for WMUK fundraising
ACTION: QRpedia team to write a confidential non-binding letter to WMUK, explaining their position and the way in which they would like to proceed. JD will chase in two weeks if nothing is recieved.
ACTION: RS to distribute information about the shared WMUK calendar system.
DECISION : RS and MP to organise circa £2.5k of funding to develop an open-source solution linking CiviCRM and UK Direct Debits.
DECISION : The Board approve CK's reply to Sue.

Minutes 27Mar12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: RB, MP, AT, JD to organise an exec meeting asap to discuss banking arrangements. RB to talk to AT regarding payment delays.
ACTION: RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of of QRpedia forward.
ACTION: RB, JD and MP to discuss possible AGM speakers and arrange who will be speaking and how to split the time.
ACTION: JD to put out a tender to the Wikimedia community to look for people who can deliver a training session in line with the one we are investigating.
ACTION: RS and JD to come up with a list of those people attending the Monmouth meeting for the purposes of planning meals, hotel rooms, etc.
DECISION : The board are happy to support "a fair contribution" when the exact shape of the council is decided.

Minutes 15Apr12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: RB will give the office a copy of recent transfers from Baydon-Hill - Yes check.svg Done during the meeting.
ACTION: JD to raise any outstanding financial issues in a simple ledger/report to the board at Monmouth
ACTION: Tellers to write a blog post about the AGM elections, to be circulated Monday
ACTION: RB to write about the upcoming changes to the WMUK board, including any financial oversight changes. To be circulated Monday.
ACTION: RS and MP to add JB to Office List and Office Wiki Yes check.svg Done during meeting

Minutes 21Apr12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: Tellers to come up with suggestions as to how to deal with these issues.
ACTION: MLP to chair Mike Peel's morning talk session about Wikimedia, as he is not running in the elections
ACTION: JD to co-ordinate the creation of a position paper on conflicts of interest and get trustee comments on it. ETA is around June 2012.
ACTION: JD and Fae to organise reporting processes for Monmouth, and to figure out improvements the general process for project reporting.
ACTION: JD (with assistance from MP) to take the counterproposal 5 year plan and distill it into a strategic plan on a wiki that the community can take ownership, and will lead to a document that the charity can use.
ACTION: JD to explain the 5-year strategy process at the AGM
ACTION: JD to start an on-wiki discussion about possible risks to the charity, using the 6 points he has identified as the starting point.
ACTION: Daria to draft forms for project leaders to report back to the office and board etc.
ACTION: JD to send around a summary of the PQASSO process, and to provide extra information on specific areas on request.
ACTION: JD to fix the fact that the Twitter and FB accounts are often idle, and our monthly reports are very backlogged.
ACTION: Stevie Benton to continue the communications review, with input from the board
ACTION: - RB to talk to Cadw about a collaboration.
ACTION: RS to add equal employment statistics to bottom of employment page
DECISION : To hire a fundraiser in line with the above job description, with MP's addition regarding volunteer engagement.
DECISION : the data protection policy has been approved.
DECISION : The revised Donor Privacy Policy has been approved. However, when we next send an email to donors, we will also inform them that our Donor Privacy Policy has been revised and updated.
DECISION : copyright policy approved, subject to lawyer agreement.
DECISION : modification to the finance policy

Minutes 8May12[edit | edit source]

ACTION: RS to tell candidates that they are expected to sign up to the Trustee Code of Conduct.
ACTION: RS and JD to ensure that the transfer of financial control from the current Board to the new one happens smoothly after the AGM, and that the change of signatures forms are completed at the board meeting immediately after the AGM.
ACTION: Fæ to confirm with the National Archive that, in order to pay the invoice, we need to have a copy of the images and the agreement releasing the images under a free license, but that uploading them prior to paying the invoice is not necessary.

Minutes 12May12b[edit | edit source]

ACTION 1.1: All board to read about Associates and Fellows.
ACTION 1.2: RS to send links around to the Associates and Fellows proposal.
ACTION 1.3: RS to include these within the main register of interests.
DECISION : up to four of the board will go. Definitely Fae and Mike and Doug, possibly Joscelyn once she checks her calender. Final decision to be made on Monday 14 May.
DECISION : To have the next board meeting in London on 30 June/1 July. (NB: JD's evening party is not included in the decision!)

Minutes 30Jun12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 2.1: Fæ/MP to add report deadlines to Board meetings.
ACTION 2.2: JB to make a recommendation to the Exec
ACTION 2.3: RS to make a schedule of signatories for all bank accounts, and send to JB
ACTION 2.4: RS to update declarations of interest page for board
ACTION 2.5: JD to ensure all trustees understand DOI policy, and that there is a statement of this on the UK wiki.
ACTION 2.6: Jon to direct Stevie to write a blog post and solicit feedback on the annual report.
ACTION 2.7: JD to draft and cost a contingency plan to hire contractors if no-one suitable is found.
ACTION 2.8: owners as above to develop contingency plans (corrective and preventative action) along with associated estimates of time and cost, to recommend to the Executive.
ACTION 2.9: JD to create a Volunteer Engagement Strategy to present to the board and community.
ACTION 2.10: Fæ and Doug to lead the assembly of the GLAM and education sub-committees respectively.
ACTION 2.11: JD and staff to assemble a list of the key metrics for assessing the performance of the organisation.
ACTION 2.12: Fæ to update schedule of meetings to include telecons.
ACTION 2.13: RS to report on Per Diems in September, as to if there have been any over-claims or any abuse of the system.
ACTION 2.14: HJM to provide a list of members of the Conference Committee.
DECISION : Minutes approved.
DECISION : Minutes approved.
DECISION : Minutes approved.
DECISION : Will revise the document online, and will have a meeting in Washington DC (probably on Sunday 15th) when we will come to agreement on the plan. It was decided that the one-year element of the plan can be used by the Office as a basis for working on the 2013 plan.
DECISION : It was agreed that there will be GLAM and education sub-committees, the creation of which will be led by Fæ and Doug respectively. The leaders are to come back to the board at the next meeting with a charter describing the committees, initial membership, and (if appropriate) budget outlines, for formal board approval.
DECISION : MonmouthpediA will not be included in the GLAM or education sub-committees, and will continue to report to the Exec and Board. MonmouthpediA will become its own budget line.
DECISION : Subcommittees should consist of four or more people, and their membership should include one staff member for an operational link to the Office and one trustee who will act as the liaison with the Board. Additional trustees and staff may also be part of the sub-committee in a non-liaison role.
DECISION : There will be extra telephone board meetings per year in between the planned in-person meetings. These telephone meetings will be focussed on actions, decisions, proposals: not reports or discussion, and will be limited to approximately one hour.
DECISION : to hold the next board meeting in Coventry at the Herbert, from 10-4 on both days.
DECISION : To adopt the Conference Committee as an official sub-committee of WMUK. Daria staff liaison, Mike board liaison.
DECISION : to get 2 additional desk spaces.
DECISION : Board costs to be adjusted to £20k.
DECISION : Purchase of 3 laptops.
DECISION : Hiring of 2 interns from education budget.
DECISION : that the next AGM will take place on 8 June 2013, location to be decided.
DECISION : Deposit to be split into two separate deposits, the decision of which banks to use will be delegated to the exec.
DECISION : 2013 activity plan to be set up on the wiki as a copy of the 2012 plan, with updated numbers (including options), additions and revisions, and the community to be invited to participate in its development on-wiki. August, have a workshop to assemble the next iteration of the plan. Then board workshop at the meeting on 8-9 September to finalise. Absolute deadline is 1 October.
DECISION : Fæ will be WMUK's representative to WCA at its initial meeting at Wikimania 2012.

Minutes 26Jul12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 4.1: RS to check that we have sent the Foundation everything they need for us to participate in the FDC.
ACTION 4.2: RS to circulate this statement [new Chair] on the blog, wiki (on the minutes), UK email list.
ACTION 4.3: JD to write a brief hiring policy in the next two weeks that brings in both community involvement and board involvement.
DECISION : The board thanks HJ Mitchell, Daria and Richard for carrying out interviews for this and welcomes the two interns to Wikimedia UK.
DECISION : Contingent on the Monmouthshire County Council MOU being agreed by the board, and the QRPedia agreement being signed, the board have agreed the £14k proposal for Chepstowpedia.
DECISION : The board agreed a short statement to be approved by JU.

Minutes 8Sep12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 6.1: SB will set up a blank page so that the community can discuss what questions we should ask if we were to do a general volunteer survey.
ACTION 6.2: KB (& others?) to work on a joining pack for new members.
ACTION 6.3: RS and KB to write a membership report for future meetings.
ACTION 6.4: DT and JD to work on a revised version of the recruitment policy, for discussion at the next board meeting.
ACTION 6.5: JD to move this policy draft to the public wiki.
ACTION 6.6: JD to add section to the policy about volunteer liability insurance.
ACTION 6.7: RS to start page listing everyone on office for checking and transfer to WMUK.
ACTION 6.8: All Board and staff to check this [trustee authorisation limits policy change].
ACTION 6.9: RS to check Finance policy updated to reflect this [trustee authorisation limits].
ACTION 6.10: MP, DT, RB, SB to work through the outstanding issues with the Gibraltarpedia MoU.
DECISION 6.8: The board have decided that we should be getting as many members as we can, even if they are not as active.
DECISION 6.1:Yes check.svg All new members as of 9 September 2012, were approved.
DECISION 6.2: Yes check.svg The Donation and grant acceptance policy was approved.
DECISION 6.3: Yes check.svg the rest of the Representing Wikimedia UK policy was approved.
DECISION 6.4: Yes check.svg Capitalisation policy of 3 years and over £200 was approved.
DECISION 6.5: Yes check.svg Accounts were approved, subject to a change of roughly £3800 regarding PayPal fees.
DECISION 6.6: To amend the Finance Policy 2012 to create section 6.4, which reads "The value of any such asset will be depreciated on a three-year basis for the purpose of monthly depreciation values. The specific value of the asset will be assessed each year prior to our financial audit taking place." [I'm sure I've objected before to the 2nd sentence - what does it mean? JB]
DECISION 6.7: There was support in principle to sign an MoU with Gibraltarpedia, so that we can provide non-financial support for the project via the office (such as provision of standard outreach leaflets) but it was noted that more work was needed on the draft MoU.

Minutes 19Sep12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 6a.1: Action on CK to prepare a public statement on Roger's resignation.
ACTION 6a.2: CK to move forward with a call for a new trustee, to be appointed before the November board meeting.
DECISION 6a.1: to approve JD to hire an office support person, with a budget this year of £8,000, and a full year salary in the range of £20,000-23,000. Passed unanimously.
DECISION 6a.2: for the office to have one alto card per member of staff, the amounts on which will be managed by JD. Passed unanimously.
DECISION 6a.3: Based on verbal ayes in the telecon, all trustees present supported the action to accept Roger's resignation.

Minutes 9Oct12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 7.1: MP to assemble a list of public and in-camera minutes which are ready for approval or have previously been approved, and set up a voting page on the office wiki to approve them and decide whether they should be made public or not. New in-camera minutes will be posted to the board wiki for now, and moved onto the office or public wikis as the board decides. Office to assist MP wherever possible.
DECISION : Resolved, to adopt the terms of reference as presented to the Board on 9 October 2012, with or without the change made to 4.2.
DECISION : Resolved, that the Board would be happy with either of the two proposed expert reviewers, with a preference to the ex-Charity Commission candidate. Resolved, that the details of the appointment of the expert reviewer, including further conversations to be had, are delegated to CK, JB, JD.

Minutes 17Nov12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 8.1: MP to assemble a list of unapproved minutes to be approved at the next board meeting.
ACTION 8.2: RS to confirm the status of payment of JB's membership dues, and to update his membership record as appropriate.
ACTION 8.3: KB to review whether vetting of members is needed, assess how other organisations do this, and provide a recommendation to the Board.
ACTION 8.4: All Directors to check if their details are current on the Register of Directors.
ACTION 8.26: SC to include his declarations in the Declarations of Interest before the next meeting.
ACTION 8.5: JD to send the draft MGS agreement, and any similar agreements, to the Executive working group.
ACTION 8.6: DC to put together a recommendation of the top four WiR positions from her perspective.
ACTION 8.7: The working party of JB, DT and SC to provide recommendations to the Board as to how to proceed with Wikimedians in Residence.
ACTION 8.8: Board to clarify what reports are required for each meeting.
ACTION 8.9: JB to check the Financial Report and circulate it to the Board for information.
ACTION 8.10: JD to bring a proposal for alterations to the budget allocations to the board.
ACTION 8.11: RS to explain why there was a large spend on Office Stationery in August 2012.
ACTION 8.12: JB/RS to release the Management Accounts publicly.
ACTION 8.13: All Trustees and JD: If there is substantial, or substantive correspondence where there is any significant impact for the chapter, the board should be notified.
ACTION 8.14: Fae to put forward supplementary rules for voting by the board of trustees and for committees to supplement the basics set out in the Articles of Association. (Post-meeting note: draft started at User:Fæ/Draft supplementary rules for voting.)
ACTION 8.15: Board to review the COI policy in the light of the recommendations of the governance review, due February 2013.
ACTION 8.16: JB to recommend a change to the board regarding the 'office expenses' line in 4 of the finance policy
ACTION 8.17: JB to recommend a figure for payment limits to the board.
ACTION 8.17a: JB to place the revised finance policy on the main wiki for comments prior to approval.
ACTION 8.18: JD to report back in three weeks with a revised 2013 plan with as much detail as he thinks is necessary, which the board will then add to. JD/RS should include breakdowns of the biggest budgets (e.g. how much does a board meeting cost)
ACTION 8.19: With SC leading, all to work on the general charter for committee with delegated powers from the Board of Trustees.
ACTION 8.20: SC to take a look at the Decisions/2012_DOI_review and soften it where needed.
ACTION 8.21: JD to develop clear guidance and processes about what these proposals [Volunteer DOI] mean in practice, broadly in line with 1 and 1.1, so that volunteers know what to expect and feel supported in dealing with this kind of situation. The board accepted that this may take some time, but that it is necessary.
ACTION 8.22: JD to further develop the proposals [Volunteer DOI] into policy and practice with community input.
ACTION 8.23: JB to put forward a proposal on train the trainers potential income issue. [??was I? JB]
ACTION 8.25: RS to implement the system of having a wiki page saying how much money is left in each budget and what is going to be coming out according to current plans in terms of projects and corresponding amounts.
DECISION 8.2: The new members were approved.
DECISION 8.3: to appoint a working party of JB, DT and SC to assemble a standard agreement for Wikimedian in Residence projects.
DECISION 8.4: Garfield's Report and the reply to it - are to be released on Tuesday (20 November 2012).
DECISION 8.5: The board thanked the Conference Committee for their excellent work, and endorsed their decision to hold the AGM in Lincoln.
DECISION 8.6: JD's 'Towards an effective risk management strategy' proposals were adopted.
DECISION 8.7: CK proposed that we accept the proposal for an 'Executive Working Group'. All in favour. None against.
DECISION 8.8: Stevie is allowed to post blog posts without waiting 24 hours for approval, until 17 December, when it will be reviewed.
DECISION 8.9: The Resolution was proposed by CK that "No Trustee of Wikimedia UK will receive any financial benefit or consideration from offering or engaging in consultancy services related to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects", will be inserted at the bottom of 'Background' in the COI policy. This will be reviewed in the light of the recommendations of the governance review expected in February 2013.

Minutes 8Jan13[edit | edit source]

ACTION: All to look at unapproved board meeting minutes and make comments as necessary.
ACTION: DT to find an independent volunteer to perform a short review of the TtT issues in time for Midas to be contracted for the event.
DECISION : February TtT session to be advertised as planned.
DECISION : That DT find an independent volunteer to perform a short review of the TtT issues.
DECISION : The budget at Train the Trainers February 2013 on the office wiki was approved (an amount of £10990).
DECISION : That we go ahead with the TtT session, giving JD the authority to sign the contract as might be renegotiated, and to do any renegotiation that needs to be done in light of the review (if the review is received in time).
DECISION : We adopt the 2013/14 budget as presented to this meeting, to include the JISC post.
DECISION : That JD proceed with negotiating those agreements with relevant institutions on the basis with the fourth draft, taking into accounts any more comments which will be added by Sunday, and the board are happy for JD to delegate this to Daria if needed. In addition, the four institutions recommended by Daria (Tyne and Wear Museum and Archives, National Library of Scotland, Black Cultural Archives, and Science and Natural History Museum) are approved.