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Cultural partnerships

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Backstage Pass[edit | edit source]

Wikimedians as a rule are very interested in knowledge, at a level that can go beyond what is available to see in museum displays. Wikimedians also frequently have specific interests in certain objects, which may not be commonly on display, that they have been researching and writing Wikipedia articles about.

Tours, either within the institutions or behind the scenes, are a great way to engage wikimedians in the contents of your collections, and a useful way to give them knowledge about items that can then be spread online via Wikipedia articles and freely reusable images. This is especially true if a large part of your collection is not commonly publicly displayed.

A Backstage Pass event aims to share the expertise of real-world institutions with our wiki-expertise. Principally this involves an organisation or interest group hosting a private tour for the benefit of local Wikimedians and in reciprocation we help improve the content on Wikipedia/Commons that is relevant to that organisation.

For more information, see:

GLAM-WIKI[edit | edit source]

In August 2009, Wikimedia Australia organised an event called "GLAM-WIKI" that brought together people from Wikimedia with people from the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums sector.

Wikimedia UK has run the UK edition in late November 2010 at the British Museum. See GLAM-WIKI 2010 for more details. The follow up event on 12-14 April 2013 can be found here.

Interested?[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia UK would be delighted to work with cultural institutions to put together and advertise joint events with museums for wikimedians. If you are interested, please contact Wikimedia UK office on or 0207 065 0990.