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Draft 2012 Five Year Plan

Draft 2012 Five Year Plan - version two[edit | edit source]

The intention of this plan is to shape the direction of travel for Wikimedia UK over the next one, three and five years.

Can I remind you of our overall strategy as decided by Wikimedia UK's Board at the 2011 Board Strategy Day:


Free knowledge for all


Wikimedia UK’s mission is to help people and organisations build and preserve open knowledge to share and use freely.


To value the contribution of volunteers

To encourage, involve and engage volunteers

To recognise that the contribution of volunteers is central to the activity of the organisation

To be transparent and open

To promote the value of free and open licences

To have respectful and professional working relationships internally and externally

To promote an open approach to learning and knowledge


It is of course impossible to know the future with any real certainty but we should be aspiring to achieve great things over the next five years. To do so we have to know what they are!

This second draft was revised after comments from the community as of April 12th. It will be discussed by the WMUK board at its next Board meeting on the weekend of 20/21 April. I can still add comments.

After that a third draft will be re-circulated to the community for comment leading to its adoption.

Please use the discussion page for your ideas. Apologies for the pdf format but am not quite yet up to creating tables on Wiki.

This will be discussed at the Board meeting on April 21st and 22nd.

Jon Davies

The Plan[edit | edit source]

Area 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Promoting access to our Open Content
Promoting contributions to our Open Content
Promoting use of our Open Content
Office Consolidate current office and use as base for regular training and volunteer support. Consider expansion of space to accommodate growing number of volunteers and any increase in staff. Consider acquisition of own premises if economic.
Staffing Build staff team and ensure integration within community. Consider expansion to support new activities. Seek part time and regional options. 8 FTEs. Develop Internships for particular projects Consider regional bases to reflect growing communities and local support. Harder to reach communities covered (e.g. Scotland) 15 FTEs.
Membership Continue steady growth while improving sense of involvement and encouraging participation. Build membership benefit package. Consider more proactive membership, target 1000+, drive with greater regional devolution and activity Build into thousands. Consider more formal member's council or other participation as part of governance.
Wikimeets Support regular wikimeets established in five locations. Support regular wikimeets established in all major cities/ regions - consider various formats that will suit wider audiences. Resources database/ advice available for people setting these up. Support regular wikimeets established within 20 miles of 90% of the population. Consolidate member benefits.
Membership communications Monthly dedicated enewsletter established with developing member’s fora. Lively member’s fora established encouraging input to WMUK work and feedback. Member’s forum meetings held at AGM and six months in between. Membership feel complete ownership of WMUK with regular member meetings and feedback.
Membership activities - training (see also Training the Trainers) Create regular training opportunities. Extensive training opportunities available throughout UK at variety of levels. Respected programmes of training established with recognised development paths.
Membership activities - GLAM Local GLAM activities supported by staff with good attendances attracting new volunteers and partners. At least 20 local GLAM activities year involving range of cultural partners and throughout UK. Extensive programme of GLAM local activities with dedicated support staff building volunteer base and partnerships.
Membership activities - Higher Education (see also Education) Bases established in 3 universities. Bases established in 20 universities. Network of bases in most UK universities with national coordinating mechanisms and support materials.
Membership activities - other Community determines new range of activities to develop WMUK mission. Increasingly innovative rage of activities created to broaden community reach and develop new areas of volunteering. Programme of Volunteer-led activities established and being seen as good practice by wider Wikimedian community. International co-operations.
Contributor resources WMUK establishes a small pool of equipment to support community and volunteer activities cameras, laptops, scanners etc. The pool of equipment is easily accessible and available at a range of geographical locations. The pool of equipment is significant and allows for small and larger scale projects.
Fundraising Consolidate position as independent fundraiser. Reflect on other opportunities and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Develop year round fundraising strategy with proactive search for alternatives, in parallel, to annual fundraiser to support activities. Have professional team with predictable income streams from a wide variety of sources.
Income Will depend on relationship with WMF but predict modest increase on 2012 fundraiser with increasing proportion of DD income. Target £1.4m As previous with established independence in funding. Target £2m Ability to project with certainty income within 5% variations for next five years and plan accordingly. Reach £3m p.a. in line with WMDE growth.
Partnership working GLAM Have consolidated work with our current institutions and delivered high quality projects Become standard partner to all major national institutions with recognition at their trade body levels by offering training and professional development. Using developed resources able to offer dedicated support to any UK institution that request it with appropriate income generation.
Wikimedians in Residence - GLAM Have plans for an increased programme of WIR with matching funding being found from other bodies. WIR becoming standard for large institutions. 10 in each year. Programme of at least 20 WIR at any one time working in UK institutions establishing co-operaton and interesting projects.
Training the Trainers Train the Trainers programme has created 30 volunteer trainers through a planned, graded programme At least 100 trainers available in all parts of the country. Ability to undertake contracts in partnership working. Established training programme from beginner to expert delivering regular sessions throughout the UK.
Digitization Tools have been developed to enable at least one substantial collection to be digitized. A programme of digitization is in place in partnership with other UK institutions. The programme is well established and contributing to the collective intellectual wealth.
Software development To encourage the community to find software solutions to support the aims of WMUK and the WMF To be cooperating with other chapters and the WMF in creating software solutions to support our aims. To be cooperating with other chapters and the WMF in creating software solutions to support our aims.
Educational work - Higher Education. Deliver national conference and be working with 5 institutions. Extended national conference and working with 15 institutions. Range of conferences and training while working in up to 50 UK institutions.
Educational work - other Be in discussion with organisations involved with education in schools with a view to developing strategies to promote wikis in schools. To have been the catalyst for the establishment of projects to promote the use of wikis in schools. To be a trusted partner in the educational establishment bringing wikiliteracy to the classroom.
WIR - Education Fully utilise WIR budget to demonstrate

good practice and build links with universities.

Extend programme and attract matched funding to deliver more WIRs. Becoming integrated into university learning programmes. WIR’s working in wide range of UK institutions with accreditation and deep involvement in curriculum activities. WIRs establishing co-operations and projects together
Grants programme Ensure that grants programme is clearly advertised and offers spread across community. Grants programme expanded in real terms within budget to offer full range of support to community with volunteer support in decision making. Grants programme, now as significant part of the budget, is self-administered by representatives of community.
AGM Fully organised AGM delivered at stimulating location with range of lectures, workshops and activities. Attendance 100+ AGM attracting leading speakers and 200+ members. AGM lasting weekend and attracting up to 500 members with wide variety of activities and speakers. Gains substantial media attention.
Merchandising Offer of WikiUK branded goods made to those undertaking wiki activities. Volunteers involved in fitting designs to needs. Range extended. Reputation for quality and innovation established. Community fully involved. Reliable and flexible suppliers established. Range extended. Merchandise prized and sought after. Range available for widest possible opportunities and activities.
Publications On and off web publications established as clear, transparent and accessible with community input prized. An integrated across the board strategy for communications offers high quality on and off the web with consistent messages. Wide range of materials supporting community activities established and on a par with best international materials.
External media Start building

relationships with trade and national media

Profile of Wikimedia UK raised. Good working relationships with mass media (online and offline). Able to share key messages effectively. Trusted point of contact for mass media on matters of open web, access to information. Regular meetings with high profile media partners. Spokespeople appear on relevant broadcast media and quoted regularly in other media.
External influence Find ways to contribute to relevant studies, consultations and government research in areas of interest. Have good relationships with policy makers and relevant government departments. Utilise these relationships to influence policy. Be the contact of choice for those developing policy in areas of open information and digital technology.
Sympathetic organisations Build working relationships with other open source and similar organisations finding common areas of policy. Be central to umbrella groups campaigning on open access issues. Be trusted by other organisations. Be recognised by fellow organisations as trusted and expert authority on open access and knowledge topics.
PR industry WMUK works to support the PR industry in its workings with Wikipedia and sister websites through a code of practice and training. The code of practice is adopted and observed throughout the U industry with international knock-on effects. No longer an issue.
International links -WMF and Chapters Continue to build trust with WMF and extend influence over policy. Become leading activists in Chapters Council. Be leading voice in International community offering policy initiatives and delivering innovation that can be replicated. Be respected and trusted internationally throughout the chapters and with the WMF for our work and willingness to share experience and resources.
International links - outside community Create ethos of looking beyond UK for working synergies. Have initiated independently overseas activities intended to support the development of open access in low-income nations. WMUK has a reputation for sharing its expertise internationally and initiating groundbreaking work in low-income nations.
Anything else?