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DRAFT JOB DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Job Title: Education organiser p/t 17.5 hrs a week

Reporting to: Events organiser

Salary: £25,000 - £29,000 Depending on experience, pro rata

Benefits: 14 days annual leave, Employer pension contributions

Location: Central London but could be based elsewhere

The objective is to support and promote the work of Wikimedia UK which includes Wikipedia and its sister websites.

To do this, the Education Organiser will need to:

• Support the Events Organiser by developing and delivering a range of large and small education activities throughout the UK.

• Support and encourage the participation of volunteers in the education activities of Wikimedia UK.

• Support WMUK’s education Wikimedians in Residence.

• Be a supportive part of the staff team.

• Build a relationship of trust with the Wikimedia community.

• Be accountable for the monitoring of and resources for the events.

Key responsibilities

Management duties

• Work with the Events Organiser to develop a range of activities appropriate to the needs of Wikimedia UK.

• Report to the Events Organiser and administrator ensuring that expenditure is controlled in line with the events budgets.

• Prepare regular, publically available, reports to the Events Organiser and GLAM committee on the education programme of the charity, including assessments of success and ensure these are openly available.

• Be responsible for all aspects of the Education programme working with volunteers to make it professionally run and productive.

• Handle all documentation regarding the Education programme and support the administrator in accounting for them financially.

• Encourage and promote the involvement of volunteers and ensure that volunteers are provided with opportunities to support and participate in the Education programme.

• Ensure that all Education events are managed safely with proper risk assessments undertaken.

• Learn from The Wikimedia Foundation and other chapters to develop best practice and where appropriate share the planning and delivery of events.

Project Management

• Support the Events Organiser by Preparing, running and evaluating the Education programme as detailed in the Wikimedia UK plan.

• Work with volunteers to ensure the greatest possible involvement of the Wikimedia UK community in the Education programme.

• Monitor the delivery and financial security of Wikimedia UK’s Education Programme.

• Support and propose the development of new projects.

• Assist in the development and maintenance of key metrics demonstrating the programme’s impact.

PERSON SPECIFICATION[edit | edit source]


• Proven experience of project management involving the public and partner organisations.

• Knowledge and understanding of the Education sector with specific knowledge of at least one area appropriate to the work of Wikimedia UK and its programme.

• Experience of organising a wide range of events.

• An understanding of delivering training at a variety of levels.

• An understanding of the charity and not-for-profit sector (desirable).

• Experience of working effectively with a team of volunteers.

• Track record in budgeting and of achieving financial balance.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Passionate about the aims and values of Wikimedia UK.

• The energy to support the Events Organiser in building excellence in the WMUK Education programme.

• Good people management skills, with the ability to involve and inspire volunteers working remotely over geographically dispersed locations.

• Excellent software skills, including word-processing, spreadsheets, internet procedures, and database applications.

• Excellent project management abilities.

• Flexible approach, with the capability to be a team player and identify and manage opportunities and risk.

• Logical, clear thinking, diplomatic and patient approach.

• Understanding of working with and managing volunteers; the ability to learn quickly and integrate within the Wikimedia community.

• Ability to work flexible hours and locations as required.

• Undertake training as required.

• An understanding of internet technologies, in particular wikis.

• An understanding of the culture and policies of Wikimedia communities.