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Comment This sub-page is for staff and volunteers to plan working roles for EduWiki Conference 2013.
EduWiki volunteers Jasbir and Hannah visit the WMUK office - September 2013
Individuals involved
  • Daria
  • Hannah
  • Harry
  • Katie
  • Jasbir
  • Robin
  • Rock drum
  • Stevie
  • Toni

Please let Toni Sant know if you need your name removed from this list or if you'd like to help out with anything else.

Logistics role list[edit | edit source]

Most of these require work before the event, and some attention during to make sure things are delivered.

Before the conference[edit | edit source]

  • Marketing: see Publicity plan
  • Delegate packs (inc. badges and designing the supporting materials): Jasbir + Toni (with Hannah)
  • Speakers coordination: Toni
  • Venue accommodation: Toni
  • Conference app: Hannah
  • Signage: Hannah
  • Friday Evening Wiki Meetups: Robin + Toni
  • Live translation/interpretation for Welsh: Robin + Daria
  • Speaker gifts: tbc
Just let us know what you want to do Toni and we can do most from the office - buying gifts and cards. Then you need someone who will be handing them out at the event.
There will be an email by 22/10 to the people involved directly in this.
  • Scholarships coordination: Toni + Daria
  • Packing (also making sure the equipment arrives at the venue on time): Jasbir + Toni (with some help from RN)

At the conference[edit | edit source]

  • Technical set-up (previous evening?): Toni + anyone who can arrive on Thursday afternoon
Need to check if we can get venue access Toni
Can we have a rail for coats and space for suitcases if needed?
  • Registration desk coordination: Katie + Hannah + Harry
  • Refreshments coordination on day: Katie + Hannah
  • Additional coordination with the venue on the day (e.g. IT): Toni + Hannah
  • Convening: Toni (with help from Martin)
  • Twitter roster: Stevie + Katie + Rock drum + Robin (in Welsh)
  • Video recording: Stevie + Jasbir + Rock drum
  • Photography: Katie + Jasbir

Local links[edit | edit source]

We still need to establish local links in the education sector to make the best of the fact that EduWiki is taking place in this location. The following have already been identified:

Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay

Comms[edit | edit source]

For the recording of the event, the intention is to record all presentations where possible and share them via Commons and YouTube. Some vox pops with attendees, volunteers and speakers are also important. If there is the capacity then some b-roll of the venue and workshops, as well as the surrounding area, would be helpful in creating a short video which gives a real sense of the event for those unable to attend. Also would act as a showcase for future events. Others are encouraged to participate in this side of things and Stevie will also ask Rock drum if he is interested as he did such a great job with the video for Wikimania. Stevie will sketch out a potential storyboard for the video, too.

  • Stevie – will work on whatever is required. Will oversee recording talks, encoding videos and sharing appropriate content such as presentations.
  • Jasbir – would like to do some interviews and vox pops
  • Hannah – interested in gaining skills in any area and is happy to be flexible. She is very interested in working with the conference app and ensuring that the content in the app is up to date and accurate. Co-ordinating the work with the app would be worthwhile and would give a really helpful overview of the whole event.
  • Rock drum - interested in helping with recording and comms