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Draft for a meeting of Education Committee March 2013. See Education Committee/Education Committee meeting January 2013 for the previous meeting (18:00 on Wednesday 30 January). This meeting will be at 6 pm on Tuesday 16 April, via conference call.

Agenda[edit | edit source]


  1. Education Organiser
  2. Matters from previous meeting
  3. Update on VLE /Report
  4. Forward planning: EduWiki Conference 2013
  5. Notice of the Train the Trainer review

Notes[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia UK Education Committee meeting, 16 April 2013


  • Doug Taylor (DT)
  • Stevie Benton (SB)
  • Daria Cybulska (DC)
  • Toni Sant (TS)
  • Charles Matthews (CM)
  • Martin Poulter (MLP)
  • John Cummings
  • Fabian Tompsett (FT)

DT began the meeting, offering to take the group through the agenda.

Education Organiser.[edit | edit source]

DT suggested TS may introduce himself and speak a little about his role and how it may develop. He passed the floor to TS.

TS linked to a sub-page of his user page which he feels provides an outline - DT picked up on the ideas around Wikimedians in Residence for Education and a short debate ensued. It was felt that this was a topic we could keep on the agenda for the future. Given that TS is on half-time and the education outreach opportunities are enormous, it was noted that some activities need an active time commitment, others need TS to refer to appropriate volunteers (including via the Volunteer Co-ordinator) and other activities to take note of but not commit a great deal of time to. The EduWiki Conference requires a lot of time and effort and planning for this takes up the bulk of TS's time at the moment. Wikimedians in Residence remain within DC's remit, but WIR posts are very diverse and some contain an element of education outreach. Hence TS should have expert input into these posts, but not make it a priority for effort.

Matters from last meeting[edit | edit source]

John Cummings has spent time talking to Khan Academy. He has now forwarded a brief summary of the progress so far. John sent email to rest of commitee from James Tynan from Khan Academy outlining what was talked about and further steps.

Composition of the Committee - TS suggested that Petr Brož aka Chmee2 (from the Czech Republic) who is staying in London for a while might be a useful contributor. Jack Nunn (Learning and Development Co-ordinator, Macmillan cancer) was also interested. As an advisory committee, we are able to invite members from outside the charity. No new members were added at this meeting, but we resolved to be open to approaches from people who want to join.

DC reported that the JISC post is going to go ahead within the next month.

VLE[edit | edit source]

Charles reporting on progress of VLE

Stevie to talk at AGM about VLE, demo module will be done by then.

EduWiki Conference[edit | edit source]

  • Date proposed
  • Venue proposed TS gave some reasons for choosing Cardiff: moves away from London-centric or England-centric, easily accessible by train/motorway from a lot of the UK. There are local education contacts. Doug suggesting Newport -
  • Toni to look at quotes for identified venues. Decision within a week.
  • John has 2 local contacts in Wales, one a computer science lecturer in Cardiff
  • Topics

MLP and SB remarked that, while the proximity of the Doctor Who museum might be an attraction, a joint editathon with them would be a publicity own goal. TS argued for keeping it open as a possibility.

Training the Trainer review[edit | edit source]

DC reported that TtT is undergoing review to evaluate how it has developed since its inception.

Date of next meeting[edit | edit source]

DC set up Doodle poll around end of May.