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Welcome to the event page for the wikimedia UK workshop for web and communication staff from universities in the south west of England
The event was at University of Exeter on the 15th of July 2015

University of Exeter workshop - In a nutshell

  • When?: 15th July, 09.30-16.00
  • Point of contact: Jenna Richards, University of Exeter Jenna.Richards@exeter.ac.uk or Rod Ward (volunteer for Wikimedia UK) rod@rodspace.co.uk
  • Cost: Free/TBC.
  • How do I sign up?: Email points of contact

Themes[edit | edit source]

University web and communications staff may wish to improve articles about academics in their institutions (or create new ones where they do not exist) and need to be aware of Wikipedia editing and policies on notability (academics), neutral point of view, copyright violation, biographies of living persons, conflict of interest and paid editing. The event will include basic Wikipedia training (it's really easy), and then help participants to examine relevant policies.

Academics with publications will often have ORCID identifiers which can be added see Wikipedia:ORCID

Draft timetable[edit | edit source]

  • 09.30 Meet and networking (Jenna & Rod)
  • 10.00 Introductions and overview of wikipedia (Jenna & Rod)
  • 10.15 Editing basics - including looking at article history, talk pages and category structure (Rod)
  • 10.30 Hands on exploration of relevant articles (All)
  • 11.30 Coffee & networking
  • 11.45 Discussion of relevant policies (NPOV, COI, BLP etc) (Rod)
  • 13.00 Lunch & networking
  • 14.00 Hands on editing (All)
  • 15.30 Questions and discussion (Rod & all)
  • 16.00 Close & farewells + evaluation

PDF of powerpoint presentation used on the day

Possible articles for improvement / creation[edit | edit source]

Example articles from relevant institutions

The category structure may also help to identify relevant articles

Articles which have been edited as part of or in association with this workshop[edit | edit source]

Please add your articles edited here

Participants[edit | edit source]

Please register your attendance in advance by adding your name below.

Please add your username here

As there is the potential risk of accusations of Conflict of Interest, editors may wish to include a statement on their user page along the lines of:

I am (insert name). I work for (insert name of institution) as a Web officer (or similar title). Part of my role is to improve the wikipedia articles about academics of my employer. I have attended a workshop where policies about the Neutral point of view, Biographies of Living People, Conflict of Interest and Paid Editing were discussed. I am aware of potential conflicts in this area. If you see any issues with my editing please contact me via my talk page.

How Do I Prepare?[edit | edit source]

If you want to learn more about wiki-editing, please try these introductions :

In addition to the general pages above there are some there are some which are likely to be more specific to this particular workshop:

We will discuss them during the workshop, but some familiarity beforehand would be helpful.

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