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Wikimedia UK is planning a second major GLAM-WIKI conference in April 2013 at the British Library, to follow up the success of our 2010 conference. We are looking for someone to organise the major themes and speakers for the conference. This person would start as soon as possible and complete a significant amount of the work by late December. Major speakers from within and outside the Wikimedia movement are to be booked, including an international element, with topics agreed, and themes agreed with WMUK for a general call for papers to fill the rest of the programme.


This person would be working independently with the support of the WMUK London office and community members. A London, or UK, base is desirable but not essential, as most of the work will need to be done remotely in any case. Applications from those without permission to work in the UK will therefore be possible, though such a person should then work on this entirely from outside the UK. The consultant must have:

  • An understanding of the aims and objectives of Wikimedia UK and the planned conference.
  • Extensive experience of the Wiki-GLAM environment both in the UK and internationally.
  • Good knowledge of and contacts in GLAM institutions in the UK and internationally, especially in those aspects most relevant to Wikimedia-GLAM interaction.
  • Experience of assembling programmes for similar events.
  • Excellent organisational and communications skills, including excellent spoken and written English.

Remuneration as a contractor in the region of GBP 2,000 is envisaged.

Apply to Daria Cybulska,, by December 3rd at 1700 GMT with a CV (resumé) and a statement of up to 800 words on your suitability for the contract. If you have questions or wish to discuss the contract you should contact Jon Davies, Chief Executive, Wikimedia UK, at before applying by email.