Glasgow Museums Photography Backstage Pass - September 2015

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Photography Backstage Pass @ Glasgow Museums - In a nutshell

Where?: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvin Hall & Riverside Museum
When?: Friday 25th September 2015, 09:45 - 16:30
Who can attend?: We're looking for photographers with an interest in open knowledge, or Wikipedians with an interest in photography!
How can we sign up? Email - places are very limited
Cost Free - but participants are asked to upload some of their photos from the day to Wikimedia Commons under a CC-BY-SA license
Hashtag: TBC (for Twitter)

What is it?[edit | edit source]

A Backstage Pass tour is an event which matches up cultural expertise and wiki expertise, by offering special access to cultural institutions to Wikipedians, or others interested in open knowledge. For those new to Wikimedia projects, full training will be provided.

Glasgow Museums has been working with a Wikimedian in Residence, and our Wiki Working Group is organising this photography event to allow for some unusual photography in three of our venues. The photographs taken will then be uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons as part of the Glasgow Museums Wikipedia project – you can read more about this on the project page.

We will meet at 9:45am, and the day will start at 10am with the chance to hear about the Kelvingrove organ from Dr Jim Hunter, the organist. We will have the opportunity to take photographs from this spot within the museum and of the organ itself. We will then move on to Kelvin Hall, where we are being given access for a short time to take photographs of the current redevelopment and construction work going on in the building, as well as hearing about the redevelopment work. Then we'll move on to Riverside Museum where there will (weather permitting) be the opportunity to take photographs from the roof, and of some of the museum’s hidden areas.

We are looking ideally for 8-12 photographers to participate in a fun event, the like of which has not been done before at Glasgow Museums! Only a selection of the images taken need to be uploaded to Wiki Commons and any other images taken on the day can of course remain part of the photographers’ personal portfolio.

Lunch will be provided, and training will be given in the use of Wikimedia Commons. We expect the day to finish at around 16:30.

The day will be broken into three parts:

  1. Private guided tour
  2. Lunch together (sponsored by Glasgow Museums)
  3. Uploading pictures taken on the day to Wikimedia Commons, using the {{Glasgow Museums GLAMWiki image}} tag. Training & support will be provided by Wikimedian in Residence, Sara Thomas.

When/where[edit | edit source]

Friday 25 September, 09:45-16:30 Argyle St entrance to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Participants should wear suitable clothing & footwear - one of the sites we are visiting is still a building site! Hard hats will be provided.

What do I need to bring?[edit | edit source]

Attendees should make sure that they bring the following:

  • Camera and associated equipment
  • Laptop for uploading pictures

Attendees MUST also sign up for a Wikimedia Commons account in advance (We cannot register a large number of accounts on the same day from the same ISP). *Create your account here.

FAQs[edit | edit source]

  1. Do I have to register to attend, or can I just arrive on the day?
    You must register in advance. Please email
  2. Is there a minimum number of Wikipedia edits I have to have made to be allowed to attend?
    Of course not. All are welcome - even if you've never edited Wikipedia before or used Wikimedia Commons. Being a Wikipedian or Wikimedian is a self-defined thing, so if you call yourself a Wikipedian (or would like to become one) then come along.
  3. Do I have to be a member of Wikimedia UK?
    No, this is open to all. However if you would like to join Wikimedia UK and get involved in other projects like this or start your own, you can do so here
  4. Do I need to bring my own camera and laptop?
    Yes, please! Wifi will be provided.
  5. What about lunch?
    Lunch will be provided. Please let us know about any dietary requirements.
  6. How much wiki-expertise/knowledge of Wikimedia policies and procedures will participants be expected to possess?
    None - if you have any, that's great, but don't worry if you're a newcomer to wiki!

Results of the day[edit | edit source]

200 photos were added to the Commons category Glasgow Museums GLAMWiki.

Their usage can be tracked through Baglama2.

References[edit | edit source]