Govcom Agenda 2Jul13

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Govcom meeting at Leonard Street on Tuesday 2nd July from 5:45pm, finishing by 7:30 at the latest.


  • Greyham Dawes
  • Chris Keating
  • Michael Maggs
  • Michael Peel (by phone)
  • Jon Davies?

Draft agenda

1/13 Discuss need for a chair, and elect chair if agreed.

2/13 Discuss CVs and skills matrix of all who are still interested, and decide whom we would like to invite for interview.

3/13 Decide on preferred interview process and co-option procedure, as a recommendation for adoption by the full board

4/13 Nominate one of us (our new chair?) to prepare the draft Govcom recommendation, and agree how to finalise it in good time before the board meeting

5/13 (If time permits, review the status of outstanding actions from the last meeting. If not, defer until next meeting.)

6/13 Check through the 50 Governance Report recommendations

7/13 Review/prioritise tasks under our Charter from the Board

8/13 Date of next meeting (probably by telephone)

9/13 AOB