Govcom Minutes 9Oct13

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Public minutes of the Governance Committee meeting held at 5.30pm on 9 October 2013.[edit | edit source]

The non-public office minutes are here.

Development House, Leonard Street, London.[edit | edit source]

In person meeting. Present:


  • Michael Maggs (MM) - minutes
  • Chris Keating (CK)
  • Greyham Dawes (GD)

By invitation

  • Jon Davies (JD)

10/13 Draft audit report

The draft audit report from the consultant was reviewed, and a response approved with a few suggestions/corrections for her to consider.
ACTION: for MM: Obtain final corrected report, and circulate to Govcom. On Govcom approval, circulate to board with a recommendation to publish.
ACTION: for JD: Copy to WMF for information once Govcom has approved the text.

11/13 Phase 2 trustee candidates

The CVs of the phase 2 trustee candidates were reviewed, and recommendations for interview agreed.
ACTION: for MM: Report names to board and seek board approval to conduct interviews.

12/13 Reporting to the board - discuss ways to progress review of revised template and board requirements/timelines

ACTION: It was agreed to make this a standing item, and to progress on the basis of the consultant's recommendations. It may be more efficient in the future to have board reports on a topic basis rather than one per staff member. To be discussed further.

13/13 Discuss ways to progress review of Govcom charter

ACTION: It was agreed to make this a standing item.

14/13 Discuss process for possible revisions to Scheme of Delegation

ACTION: It was agreed to make this a standing item. GD and JD reported that work has already been done on the financial protocols that will inform any amended Scheme.

15/13 Timetable for Govcom meetings

ACTION: for MM: Dates should be set up far in advance so far as possible, at least two weeks before each board meeting.

16/13 Potential conflicts of interest (in camera)

MNM, chair

Outstanding from previous meetings: Trustee induction

Go-next-red.svg Carried forward GD to circulate essential documents for Trustee induction

Coaching/mentoring for main board chair:

Go-next-red.svg Carried forward GD to use personal contacts to identify possible sources of help.
Go-next-red.svg Carried forward CK to follow up with Compass, who had recommendations