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Trustee induction items[edit | edit source]

Item Do we have it? Do we do it? What we should do Who
1. [Bates Wells & Braithwaite guide, ‘Duties of Charity Trustees’: download from] Yes Yes RS
2. Charity Commission publication CC3 ‘The Essential Trustee: Responsibilities of Charity Trustees’. Download from Charity Commission website (there is also a summary publication CC3a). Yes Yes
3. HMRC guidance on the “fit and proper person” test. Yes Yes
4. A short history of the charity. Yes Yes
5. Copy of the charity’s current governing document. Yes Yes
6. Names, contact details [and terms of office] of the current trustees and [company] secretary. Include details of particular positions: eg chair, treasurer etc. Yes Yes
7. Short biographies of the trustees. Yes Yes
8. Any agreed role descriptions for board members generally and/or for those with special

responsibilities (‘portfolio trustees’).

Not yet Yes Discussed at GOVCOM in January for Board consideration March 2014
9. Any agreed code of conduct for trustees. Yes Yes
10. List of (i) special-purpose committees (including their internal and external membership) and copies of their current terms of reference, and (ii) names of any employees (eg CE, for delegated day-to-day decision-making) or retained agents (eg, investment manager) to whom decision-making powers have been delegated by the Board and the terms and conditions on which those powers are to be exercised (policy constraints, financial limits, reporting procedures, etc). Yes Yes (i) GOVCOM (MM, SC,GD,KW,CEO Ex Off)


No external members on either committee

(ii) CEO within terms of a formal Scheme of Delegation - being revised.

No related agents with delegated decision-making powers.

11. Schedule of meetings for the current year. Yes Yes
12. Copy of the most recent annual report and accounts. Yes Yes
13. Copy of the ‘audit findings’ letter sent by the auditors to the trustees on completion of the last audit together with any reply, trustees’ ‘management representations’ letter or action document (or equivalent documentation, where there is an independent examiner rather than an auditor) Yes Yes

Note: This document is confidential to the Board’s charity management.

14. The latest management accounts. Yes Yes With each quarter pack. Only summary BS & 2 SoFA sheets to be on public wiki.
15. The charity’s current (2) business plan, (1) strategic plan and (3) annual budget. 1, 2 not yet 3


? Existing (3) Being agreed (1). (2) to originate from (1)
16. Details of major funders. Yes WMF Contained in accounts.
17. Details of major contracts. N/A N/A We do not have any major contracts.
18. Minutes of the last two or three trustees’ meetings. Yes Yes All now available for last four years.
19. List of employees and their reporting lines within an organisational management chart. Yes Yes
20. Contact details of professional advisers (accountants, solicitors, bankers, investment advisers) and the normal contact in the charity who deals with them. Yes Yes In annual report:
21. Copies of any standing orders. N/A N/A None at present
22. Copies of current internal and external policies and any ‘mission statement’ on public record. Yes Yes All on UK wiki
23. Copies of the charity’s recent newsletters. Yes Yes
24. Summary of current insurance cover. Yes Yes
25. Summary of charity’s investments. Yes Yes In Quarterly reports
26. Details of major property holdings. Yes N//A None
27. Details of any affiliations or networks. Yes N/A None at present
28. List of useful support and training organisations. (See Useful Contacts and the list in the back of ‘Duties of Charity Trustees’.) Yes Yes NCVO
29. Form for declaration of actual or potential conflicts and personal interests in existing and proposed transactions.

*For a trustee taking on the role of Treasurer, complete HMRC Form ChV1 for signature by two existing trustees who are already recognised by HMRC as ‘fit and proper persons’ and also by any outgoing ‘authorised person’ and also the new trustee as authorized to sign GiftAid claims. Trustee Job-spec:-

Yes ?