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IT Development
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There are two types of meetings that currently run through Development work for the chapter

  1. Technology Committee meetings are held on not less than quarterly basis, and will be a mix of remote and in-person meetings. These are open to interested members of the community, representatives of external organisations, and the Board liaison Trustee (Currently Mike Peel)
  2. Progress update meetings will take place on a monthly basis and are operational progress meetings for contractors and staff - these will be shorter and by telecon or Mumble. Trustees will be invited by courtesy but do not need to attend - minutes will be made available on the day of meeting.
  3. It is expected Katherine will coordinate meetings; other members of staff may attend if they need to feedback on an issue particular to their work. Technology Committee meetings will be chaired by a member of the meeting by agreement at the beginning of the meeting. Minute sharing duties will be shared across meetings, as feasibly Katherine may not always be able to minute and report back at every meeting.

Joining instructions[edit | edit source]

  • Skype - add wmukstaff as a contact, and wait to join group conference call
  • Mumble - Details here
  • Telecon - Email for joining instructions

2014[edit | edit source]

Date Type Location Topics Agenda Minutes
11 Tuesday 7th January Technology Committee Skype Fifth full meeting /Agenda 7 January 2014 /Minutes 7 January 2014
12 Tuesday 4th February Technology Committee Skype Sixth full meeting /Agenda 4 February 2014 /Minutes 4 February 2014
13 Tuesday 4th March Technology Committee Mumble Seventh full meeting /Agenda 4 March 2014 Minutes 4 March 2014
14 Tuesday 1st April Technology Committee Mumble Seventh full meeting /Agenda 1 April 2014 Minutes 1 April 2014
15 Tuesday 6th May Technology Committee Mumble Eighth full meeting /Agenda 6 May 2014 Minutes 6 May 2014
16 Tuesday 17th June Technology Committee Mumble Ninth full meeting /Agenda 17 June 2014 Minutes 17 June 2014
17 Tuesday 15th July Technology Committee Mumble Ninth full meeting /Agenda 15 July 2014 Minutes 15 July 2014

2013[edit | edit source]

Date Type Location Topics Agenda Minutes
1 Mon 21 Jan 2013 Progress Telecon Update and 2013 Plan /21Jan2013 /Minutes 21Jan13
2 Monday 18 Feb 2013 Technology Committee Skype Plan remit and themes for 2013 /18 Feb 2013 /Minutes 18 Feb 2013
3 Thursday 28 Feb 2013 Progress Mumble Progress Update /28 Feb 2013 /Minutes 28 Feb 2013
4 Tuesday 26 March 2013 Progress Mumble Progress Update /26 March 2013 /Minutes 26 March 2013
5 Thursday 18 April 2013 Technology Committee Mumble First full meeting /18 April 2013 /Minutes 18 April 2013
6 Thursday 09 May 2013 Progress Mumble Progress Update /09 May 2013 /Minutes 09 May 2013
7 Saturday 20th June Technology Committee Telecon Second full meeting /20 June 2013 /Minutes 20 June 2013
8 Tuesday 16th July Progress Mumble Progress Update /16 July 2013 /Minutes 16 July 2013
9 Tuesday 22nd October 2013 Technology Committee Mumble Fourth full meeting /Agenda 22 October 2013 /Minutes 22 October 2013
10 Tuesday 26th November 2013 Technology Committee Telecon Overview /Agenda 26 November 2013 /Minutes 26 November 2013

Log of hours against project areas[edit | edit source]