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This is a preliminary list of ideas that have been suggested; please add yours too and add your comments on the ideas. If you want to turn an idea into a proposal, please see the proposals page.

  1. have an audio option so you can listen while you eat etc.
  2. Public relations
  3. Supporting Wikipedia v1.0
  4. Running campaigns in universities and schools encouraging students and academics to edit
  5. Installing new tool servers in Kennisnet that we would have (some) control over (probably no legal issues with this)
  6. Giving sessions at teacher training "top-up" days on the responsible use of Wikipedia (et al.) in the classroom
  7. Working with the community to increase coverage of e.g. historical sites
  8. Sourcing and digitising public domain works located in the UK (e.g. documents, books, pictures, ...)
  9. Encouraging the release of new and currently copyrighted works under free licenses
  10. Stimulate research into the use of wikipedia as an educational and communication tool. Seek academic partners to further this aim and bid for research funds.
  11. Events along the style of Wikipedia Takes The City?
  12. Supporting projects in minority languages native to the United Kingdom, accessing public funds that are available to promote these languages
  13. Using our name to get into areas that would otherwise be hard to get into (museam backrooms bits of industrial archeology) or doing much the same for major document collections.
  14. Using the name to persuade people doing significant digitalisation projects to release these under a free license
  15. Persuade a newspaper to reuse content from Wikinews, possibly regularly?
  16. A lot of projects were proposed for Wikipedia UK v1: m:Wikimedia UK v1.0/Possible projects.
  17. Organise a Wikipedia Academy in the UK
  18. Support transcription of the 1911 Copyright act on Wikisource: [1]
  19. 'A city that isn't London Loves Wikipedia' :-) Birmingham, for instance, has some great museums.
  20. Encouraging OpenStreetMap usage in real life - paper maps etc.?
  21. Build collaborative information and article links with all major Institutions. e.g InstChemEng, IET, InstMC, IMechEng, InstCivilEng, etc. etc. The Institutes may find the Wiki medium useful for distributing their knowledgable papers, proceeedings and articles and have Wiki Articles also "found" during technical searches. --Cevn 19:29, 5 January 2010 (UTC)