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I've been asked to coordinate the Glasgow end of Open Knowledge Foundation Scotland's role in a proposed conference and hackathon with OpenStreetMap, Open Glasgow, the National Library of Scotland, and, hopefully, WMUK. The current plan is for a 2-3 day conference at Glasgow University, possibly in April 2014. I've followed the layout of the Joint Mozfest session, and so this is a space to collaborate on ideas on how individuals/Wikimedia UK could be involved.Graeme Arnott (talk) 21:52, 4 December 2013 (UTC)

Conference theme[edit | edit source]

The conference will have a geo/spatial theme. This has yet to be fully fleshed out and I will keep the page updated with information as OpenStreetMap and OKF Scotland develop their thinking. There is an OKF Scotland event on 9th December, and I hope to have more information after that meeting (or at least be a little less woolly)

Possible WMUK conference activities/workshops[edit | edit source]

I've set out some elementary ideas about things that WMUK could do, and had a brief chat with Brian Kelly and Daria about these. Some suggestions are,

  • basic edit Wikipedia skills workshop
  • uploading media to Wikimedia Commons - possibly with a 'Wiki takes the West End' event
  • slightly more advanced workshop on how to work with open street maps on the various wiki projects and including coordinate locations to various Glasgow/Scotland related Wp pages
  • working with Wikidata


  • someone to talk about what 'open' means to Wikimedia UK
  • discussion about how we can further joint projects/initiatives we could run/be involved in
I like that idea particularly - or, a workshop where we develop a particular idea/project in cooperation - it would be great to then have something to present at the OKFN conference in 2014 in Berlin.

  • In the same way that going to the Glasgow page of Wikipedia and clicking on the coordinates on the top rhs of the page take you to a range of maps/aerial photos etc it was wondered if a similar sort of link that went to city related open data sets would be useful/desireable. That could make Wikipedia a portal to open data sets.

Interested parties[edit | edit source]

Planning[edit | edit source]

This is a space to collaboratively work on the proposal. There is still a fair bit to be done, but it is a very exciting idea. Please either edit this page directly or comment on the talk page.