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The reception at Campus London

On 5th March 2013 TechHub at Campus London hosted a media event where journalists could meet Jimmy Wales and some of the Wikimedia volunteers to learn more about some of the awesome projects being worked on, such as Wikimania (the annual international community conference), the visual editor, Wikivoyage, Wiki Loves Monuments and more.

We have invited journalists from the mainstream media and tech media to come along. The event was informal and friendly, a chance to meet and greet journalists. The event was also be open to TechHub members and a chance for the journalists to see the kind of things people are working on within TechHub and Tech City.

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Venue[edit | edit source]

TechHub at Campus London. The address is:

4-5 Bonhill Street

TechHub is a short walk from Old Street tube station. Details of how to find the venue can be found here.

The event started at 18:30 and finished around 20:30.

Attendees[edit | edit source]


Niki MayYoung – Civil Society

Dave Lee – BBC

Murad Ahmed – The Times

Cassie Vinograd – Associated Press

Raphael Satter – Associated Press

Kate Solomon (tentative) – Tech Radar

Stuart Miles – Pocket Lint

Nate Laxton – Wired

Olivia Solon – Wired

Lee Price – The Sun

Volunteers and interests

Fabian Tompsett – education / Wikiversity

James Knight – Wikimania

Ed Saperia – Wikimania

David Gerard – Wikipedia / key media volunteer

Chris Keating – Chair

Gemma Griffiths – PR / WP

Andrew Gray – Commons and WIR

Katie Chan – VSO

Tom Morris – Wikivoyage

Richard S + Panyd – photography / video

Rebecca Ford - Digital literacy

Luke Newbold


Stevie Benton – Communications Organiser

Richard Nevell – Office Support

Jon Davies – Chief Executive

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Jimmy's talk on Tuesday night - here.

About 50 to 60 people attended the event (the final list is yet to be finished) and the meeting space was crowded when Jimmy Wales turned up. His talk covered topics ranging from Wikipedians in Residence to WMUK's activities, and from Wiki Loves Monuments to London's Wikimania bid. Jimmy intended to leave by 7:10, but an engaging Q&A session meant he stayed longer than scheduled. After the Q&A session came to an end, attendees mingled with Wikimedia UK volunteers in an informal environment and discussed the various Wikimedia projects. Merchandise was laid out on a table at the back of the meeting space and many attendees took introduction to Wikipedia booklets. The networking resulted in contacts with Civil Society.