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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting Agenda
Monday 16 March 2009 at 8:30pm GMT
Freenode IRC network, #wikimedia-uk-board

This meeting is open to the public: anyone can watch the meeting, but only board members will be able to speak. Public discussion will be in #wikimedia-uk .

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting (MC)
  3. Matters Arising
    1. AGM - Replacement teller (AT)
    2. AGM - Booking location (AT)
    3. Website - Bugs (MP)
    4. HMRC charity status (AT)
    5. LawWorks (AT)
    6. Wikimania press releases (AT)
    7. Chapter grants (MP)
    8. Chapter's selection of WMF board members (AT)
    9. Newsletter (MC)
    10. Bank account (TH, MP)
    11. Accounting software (TH)
    12. Membership Drive (MP)
  4. Treasurer's Report (TH)
  5. Secretary's Report (AT)
  6. Membership Report (MP)
  7. Wikimania bid (TH, JS)
  8. Timetable Review (All)
  9. AGM:
    1. Resolutions (AT)
    2. Speaker/s (AT)
    3. Agenda (AT)
    4. Notice (AT)
  10. Newsletter (MC)
  11. AOCB (All)