Meetings/2009-04-26/Agenda/In Progress

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The following list of items are in progress as at the 26th April, the date of the AGM, and has been prepared by the initial board to assist the new Board:

  1. HMRC charity recognition (awaiting reply to letter sent 7 March & complaint sent 17 March)
  2. Subscriptions & donations through PayPal (awaiting charitable status so qualify for reduced costs)
    1. To switch to a non-charity account in the short-run.
  3. Acquiring logins to online banking for the rest of the board (awaiting make up of new board)
  4. Wikimania Bid (awaiting result)
  5. April newsletter (in draft awaiting Wikimania & election results)
  6. Grant funding from the Wikimedia Foundation (awaiting reply to our application)
  7. Membership drive (ongoing)
  8. Application to the Wikimedia Foundation to use their trademarks incl Wikipedia (awaiting reply from our letter of xxx)
  9. Chapter selected seats on the Wikimedia Foundation Board (building consensus choice with other chapters)
  10. Wikipedia Loves Art prizes (awaiting 'bonus points' allocation)
  11. Transfer of & (in correspondence with website owner)