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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday 5 May 2009, 8:30pm-10:30pm BST
Freenode IRC network, #wikimedia-uk-board

This meeting is open to the public: anyone can watch the meeting, but only board members will be able to speak. Public discussion will be in #wikimedia-uk .

  1. Constitution
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of Meetings dated 2009-04-26 (pre- and post-AGM) - approval & actions
  4. Minutes of AGM
  5. AGM press release (MP)
  6. Response to HMRC rejection
    1. Media (MP)
    2. Legal advice (TH)
    3. Appeal to HMRC (AT)
  7. Reports
    1. Treasurer (inc. membership applications; TH)
      1. Resolution to approve new signatories.
    2. Secretary (AT)
      1. Wikipedia content complaint
  8. Chapter Agreement Revision
    1. Consultation with members (AT)
    2. Appointment of committee to negotiate on behalf of all chapters (AT)
  9. Phorm opt out (MP)
  10. Archives
  11. Email management
  12. AOCB
  13. Date of next meeting and closure

Planned attendees:


  • Mike Peel (possibly; in Scotland, will depend on internet access) (confirmed in text)
  • Zeyi He